When The Perfect Antique Finds You

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Sometimes it’s a beautiful piece of furniture that is ideally suited to your needs or a long sought-after accent piece that ties your whole room together. We’re talking about that one perfect item makes all the difference in the design of a room. Usually, you go looking for such a piece. But, as Doug Boone of Boone’s Antiques in Wilson can attest to, sometimes the right piece – or the right antique – finds you.

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“My father, Edgar, was a tobacco auctioneer in Kentucky,” Doug recounts. “One day, as he visited a shop, he spotted a brass student lamp. He really liked the lamp, and asked the shop owner about it. The shop owner told him that the lamp, and in fact everything in the shop was for sale. My father looked around, thought for a moment, and asked ‘How much do you want for the whole shop?’”

Edgar bought the entire shop. He sold the contents to dealers, and ended up breaking even – and getting the lamp for free. That was the beginning of Boone’s Antiques, which has grown to be one of the largest and most comprehensive antique dealers on the East Coast.

Doug and his brother Tom now hold the reins at Boone’s. Over the years, Doug has become accustomed to dealing with beautiful antique items from around the world, but even he has come across a piece or two that have really caught his attention.

“I don’t generally purchase items with the idea of keeping them for myself,” he notes. “However, there was one cabinet – a very unusual Chinese chinoiserie lacquer cabinet – that I absolutely loved. One of my favorite dealers – a woman with excellent taste and great clientele – picked it out. I was sorry to let it go. But then, she came back a short while later. She had been unable to move it and wanted to return it for credit. At that point, I figured that it was meant to be. I have to say, it looks beautiful in my home, and it’s one of my girlfriend’s favorite pieces.”

The cabinet isn’t the only item for which Doug feels a strong fondness. “We still have that student lamp,” he notes. “It’s electrified now, but it’s still a really great piece.

Located in Wilson, NC Boone’s Antiques is filled with four acres of distinctive pieces of every kind, including grandfather clocks, rugs, Chinese and European porcelain, period English Chippendale and Queen Anne furnishings.

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