When It Comes To Kitchens And Baths, This Charlotte Remodeler Adds His Distinctive Touch To The Vision Of His Clients

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When designing and remodeling kitchens and baths, it is essential to create spaces that are inviting, functional and definitely beautiful. Fortunately, Charlotte remodeler Eddie DeRhodes of DeRhodes Construction has the right combination of talent, vision and skill to transform any kitchen or bath into a truly spectacular space, imparting his unique flair along the way. Critics also agree – as a design-build contractor, Eddie’s bathrooms and kitchens have earned him numerous awards, including multiple national and regional Contractor Of The Year Awards (CotY), and a 2013 Remodeling Design Award. We asked Eddie to share a little bit of his process with North Carolina Design, and to tell us what trends he sees developing in homeowner preferences.

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Eddie is proficient at melding his client’s vision with his own creative process to achieve results that are both beautiful and truly innovative. His unique background allows him to bring an uncommon, fresh perspective and a distinctive touch to each project. “Because of my architectural education, I can see things three-dimensionally,” he explains. “I can also use drawings and sketches to help clients understand the process and see what the finished space will look like.”

Eddie enjoys the design aspect of projects, and will certainly weigh in with advice if the need arises. However, he gives much of the credit for his successful projects to the designers he works with. “I can wear a couple of different hats, if necessary,” he affirms. “But in many cases, I essentially implement the designer’s plan. I complement their skill with quality craftsmanship, and put the effort into getting the details right. I am very fortunate to have good clients who are willing to trust in their designer.”

When it comes to kitchens, Eddie asserts that while form is important, it must always follow function. “You may not immediately see the function of a kitchen because of the beauty of the design,” he explains. “But it has to be there. There has to be a balance. I don’t care how pretty a kitchen is. If things aren’t in the right place – if it doesn’t function – it’s not a success.”

Today’s homeowners want to get the best possible use out of each space in their homes, and they aren’t necessarily looking to reinvent the wheel or go over the top with their kitchen and bath remodels. “I find that clients really just want to add function to their kitchens and bathrooms and bring details like finishes, countertops appliances and fixtures up to date,” Eddie reflects. “They are making thoughtful choices — they want to make sure that what they’re buying looks and feels and works the way they expect it to.

“Rather than expanding their space, many of the homeowners I work with want to reconfigure, reorient and re-plan within their home’s existing footprint,” he continues. “They may give up a bedroom, take down walls, or remove a Jacuzzi to create a spacious master bath. Or they might give up a pantry to create more counter space in their kitchen.”

One of Eddie’s favorite aspects of his job is the relationship he builds with his clients. “The success of a project isn’t in the photos – it’s in the satisfaction of the clients,” he affirms. “After all, they are our marketing people. I take a great deal of care to understand and meet their needs, and I take a lot of pride in the quality of work that we offer them.”

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  1. Amy Vermillion Interiors
    January 12th, 2015 @ 8:23 PM

    Eddie does beautiful work and has the added benefit of architectural training which a lot of contractors/builders do not. Nicely written (as always) Liz!

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