Welcoming Guests Through The Design of Powder Rooms

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Powder rooms don’t tend to be first on homeowners’ lists of priorities. However, as Asheville interior designer Kathryn Long, ASID, of Ambiance Interiors will attest to, this little space really counts. Not only is it a blank canvas, it’s an ideal opportunity for homeowners to show their guests personal attention and make them feel welcome. We talked with Kathryn about how homeowners can balance form and function in this often overlooked space.

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Kathryn believes the powder room is a perfect spot to add some flair to a home’s design. “The powder room should fit the mood and style of the rest of the house like a glove,” she notes. “Yet, there’s a real opportunity to have some fun with the decor. Homeowners can really show off their personal style and add some surprises that wouldn’t necessarily work in a larger room – like patterned wallpaper, textured paint, one-of-a-kind artwork or bold fixtures and accessories.”

Style may be a personal choice, but Kathryn believes that because the powder room is all about accommodating guests, every decision should go toward making it as comfortable and inviting as possible, beginning, ideally, at the construction level.

“If you’re building a new home, the powder room should be placed out of the way of the dining rooms and living rooms, so guests will feel that they can slip in and out privately,” Kathryn explains. “The room should have properly soundproofed walls and a practical door that locks and unlocks easily, allowing guests to feel secure. Furniture should be placed in a way that makes the room as spacious and user-friendly as possible.”

It’s not just the big things; little details go a long way toward making guests feel at home. “A guest bathroom should have a really touchable, psychologically accessible towel,” Katherine notes. “The lighting should be soft and warm. Candles and soaps should be mildly scented, if at all, in case guests are sensitive to strong smells. And a small vase of flowers is always a nice touch.”

Kathryn sums it up best: “Powder rooms don’t require much paint, and they don’t require much paper. They’re great little spaces with a lot of potential. There’s just no excuse not to have a cool, fun, interesting and welcoming powder room.”

In homes throughout Western North Carolina, designers Kathryn Long, ASID, and Linda Constable of the Asheville interior design firm Ambiance Interiors create warm and inviting spaces.

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