Weekend Distractions And Life Lessons

Posted on | May 20, 2013 | 1 Comment

This past week might have been like any other week. I spent much of my time talking to interior designers, furniture manufacturers, builders and architects about current conditions and industry trends, preparing to write several articles. But it wasn’t like any other week. I was distracted.

Photography courtesy of Ashleigh Long

I’ve written before about the fact that coaching youth soccer has been my passion for the past 15 years. I say that it keeps me young, although my knees would disagree. My team was victorious a week ago in the first round of the league tournament and throughout the week, my thoughts were on the possibility of capturing the championship that has eluded me all these years. As I wrote articles about the influence of technology in kitchen renovations and interior designers creating unique environments, my mind kept drifting to the upcoming game.

Sadly, winning the championship this past weekend was not meant to be. Everyone played well, but we were not the better team. Easily I could return to completing those articles that I had been working on. I decided to take some time over the weekend to think about the lessons I have learned from coaching these 10 and 11 year old boys.

So what have they taught me while I have shared my love of the game with them? Choose to be a part of something that’s bigger than you are. Never underestimate the value of praise.  Get involved with something that brings you joy. Enjoy the moment. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Remember to have fun. Great lessons for life beyond the soccer.

This year’s team was special and I will miss those that are aging out. I admit to shedding a tear or two when the final whistle blew. Not only were they talented, they had heart, willing each other to do more and play better. It’s a tradition that I give each player a nickname when they join the team. After two years, I sometimes even forgot their real names! Much thanks for a great season to Hoover, Gooch, Bon Jovi, Dopey, Midas, Gumby, Recess, Curly, Kareem, 13, Dude, Too Tall, Bud, Tardy, and Cuz.

I said last fall that after 15 years of coaching, this spring would be my last season. It’s a good thing I’m allowed to change my mind. Come fall, you will find me back on the sidelines, directing plays, arguing every now and then with the referee, and still chasing that championship. During the week, I’ll continue to write about things like the Pantone Color of the Year, trends in furniture design and housing starts, but I’ll always be looking forward to Saturday mornings on the soccer field.

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One Response to “Weekend Distractions And Life Lessons”

  1. Val Edwards
    May 20th, 2013 @ 10:56 AM

    I loved the blog! I remember being one of those boys some 35 years ago and I can remember my youth coaches to this day. Some of those guys are still my great friends, and we will always have the strong bonds that being team mates provides. Thanks for taking me back to those days!

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