Transitional Design – Blending Elegance & Comfort

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Some design styles are easy to define. It is, after all, relatively obvious to the casual observer what the differences are between Victorian and Art Deco. Transitional design however leaves more room for interpretation. In fact this is what makes transitional design work so well.

Images Courtesy of Knight Carr & Company

Transitional design is a blending of traditional and contemporary styles. While it has a sophisticated feel, it is classic and comfortable – you won’t see the more ornate styling of some traditional interiors or the more basic lines of contemporary designs. Warm wood tones are seen. Subtle color palettes prevail with an emphasis on ivory taupe, beige and tan. Any space decorated in the transitional style should be able to be walked into and lived in.

Linda Knight Carr, of the Greensboro design firm, Knight Carr & Company, explains that transitional design has a base of classic and timeless pieces from which the room can develop. “In a way, a transitional design is never finished,” says Linda. “It is not however, incomplete – just in a state where it can be edited or added to as life continues.”

True transitional design avoids trends so it can continue to transform into what the homeowner needs and wants. Linda recommends investing in high quality traditional pieces that will stand the test of time, since “they have good bones.” Complementary contemporary décor can be brought in to set the space as time and lifestyle dictate.

Despite the easy-going nature of transitional design, it is important to point out that it should not be confused with eclectic. Eclectic design incorporates variety of periods and styles without one particular style or piece standing out. Transitional design is a restrained pallet of tasteful classics, which then lends itself to be transformed as contemporary style evolves.

Images Courtesy of Knight Carr & Company

“Great transitional design is about spaces that develop a freedom to live,” explains Linda. “It expresses elegance, comfort and livability – combining pieces you have acquired over time with new design choices.”

Greensboro interior design firm, Knight Carr & Company is recognized for blending comfort with timelessness of classic detail.

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    October 27th, 2011 @ 11:05 PM

    Blue and White tile on the fireplace!….smiles

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