This Lake Norman Builder Builds Luxury Homes With A Great Lake View, Custom Details And Individualized Attention

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A home is a sacred and deeply personal space. No two homeowners will ever have the same vision for their home, or the same practical needs. No one knows this better than Charlotte builder Rob Passarelli, owner of Passarelli Custom Homes in the Lake Norman area. Rob’s hard-earned knowledge, adventurous spirit, and real desire to lend a personal and thoughtful touch to each project have earned him success building perfectly tailored luxury custom homes for a wide range of clients. North Carolina Design talked to Rob to find out more about his philosophy, his approach to homebuilding, and his thoughts on what’s important to today’s homeowners.

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Rob didn’t necessarily set out to become a homebuilder. “I came down here in 1995 from Chicago in search of a summer job,” he recounts. “I was hired by a custom home builder, and I ended up working for them for 14 years. I started out sweeping out new builds, and worked my way up to senior project manager. I got a chance to learn the business along the way, and I discovered that I really had a knack for it. I eventually decided to start my own building company.”

For Rob, success as a builder has never been about becoming the biggest and showiest. “I am not too comfortable with growth,” he admits. “I want to stay small, personable, and family oriented. I don’t ever want my clients to become a number – I want them to know that they are valued as individuals, and ensure that they get personal attention. That’s why we only take on three to four projects at a time, even if that means turning down people who don’t want to wait until we are available.”

Rob’s desire to tailor each project to his client’s needs, combined with his drive to do things in a novel, exciting way, makes every project a new adventure. “I’ve never built the same house twice,” he says. “Everything starts with a clean slate, and a unique and fresh approach. I always strive to do something no one’s done before.”

Rob has seen some significant changes in homeowners’ priorities in recent years. “Since the economic downturn, people seem to be looking for a more simplistic style,” he notes. “Multi-levels of trim and crown moulding are gone, in favor of a simple, clean approach. Homeowners are taking a long-term view, and looking for something tailored to their specific current and future needs. They’re coming at the building process with their own unique approach, and not looking to keep up with the neighbors.

“Bigger houses are coming back a bit, but not in the way we saw before the downturn. Homeowners have become more cautious and more practical. They want to create homes that are both beautiful and have an efficient use of space. They’re getting rid of hallways in favor of open areas, and building smaller showers to eliminate wasted space in the bathroom. Dining rooms are starting to fade away, as people would rather create large in-kitchen breakfast areas.”

Because of his Lake Norman area location, Rob frequently builds lakeside homes, which have a host of specific issues all their own. “There is more emphasis on the back of the home,” he explains. “The house has to be set up to accommodate any views, and it has to have a great outdoor entertainment space. People chose the property because of its access to the lake, so they’re willing to invest in screened-in porches, fireplaces – anything that capitalizes on the location.”

Rob may have fallen into the homebuilding profession, but he has embraced it fully. “I love my job,” he shares. “I love the variety and the challenge of creating new things. Each home is its own unique work of art. My hand is in it the whole way, from clearing the land to handing over the keys. It’s a great feeling to put your all into a project and deliver something that a client truly loves, that you can truly take pride in.”

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