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As an essential element of design throughout the home, tile is timeless, stylishly elegant and very versatile. Appropriately selected, the texture and color are wonderful complements to the features in your kitchen, bath, entry and other living spaces. No one knows this more so that Shaun Niemann, owner of Crew Tile & Stone – a Charlotte tile installation company. North Carolina Design recently took a few moments out of Shaun’s day to find out what is trending right now in tile as homeowners personalize the various areas of their homes.

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When it comes to the kitchen, Shaun says that earth tones have been the preferred choice for a number of years and continue to be that way today. “There are edgier color palettes out there that I see some people opt for. Typically, however, people tend to stay middle of the road, selecting earth tones. If they are fixing their home up, this works well in case they may be thinking of selling, since this color palette is universal when someone opts to change the paint on the wall.”

Kitchen floors are able to make a beautiful statement, in terms of the selection of tiles available, the varied sizes as well as the layout of the tile. “Wood plank tile is a beautiful choice today, which is available in 12 by 24 and 18 by 30,” Shaun explains. “Some designers still default back to a grid pattern, just changing the size, putting in an 18 by 18, or doing a diamond pattern. You can also go with a bit of a twist, selecting a pinwheel pattern which is choosing one size tile in the middle, like a 12 by 12, and then surrounding it with four 18 by 18’s, or larger tiles. This breaks the grid lines, and it looks nice, giving it just a higher end feel and getting everything off the straight line pattern.”

As for backsplashes, stone and travertine continue to be popular selections, according to Shaun. “For the size of tile in a backsplash, we are often looking at 3 by 6 or 4 by 8,” he offers. “If people want to go really edgy, they are putting in a 4 by 12 in whatever color they want – grays and blues, blacks and whites. We are still putting a lot of glass into backsplashes in ½ inch by 8 and 1 inch by 12. There are also a lot of multi-sized tiles used in back splashes – like 5 by 8 along with ½ inch by 6. The size just depends on the pattern. “

When tiling the floor of the kitchen, the entry or any living space in the home Shaun believes that it is important to make decisions that work well and blend with the overall environment. “The last thing I want the homeowner to do is put something in that immediately has the viewer’s eye drawn to the floor,” he affirms. “I want us to make smart decisions so that the overall space pops.”

The color palette for the bathroom is similar to that of the kitchen in terms of earth tones. “When it comes to tile and stone for the bathroom, homeowners gravitate toward beige family of colors,” Shaun notes. “We also find rectangular tile as the hot trend in tile selections in this area of the home. We are putting in 12 by 24, 8 by 12 and 8 by 16, with squared up edges rather than rounded edges. Gloss tile with glass ceramic insets continue to be popular.”

The ultimate indulgence in the bathroom is often the shower. Rather than the traditional 3 foot by 3 foot traditional shower environment, Shaun is seeing homeowners installing showers that are 4 feet by 4 feet on up to 8 feet by 4 feet. “The tile in the shower wall is often 12 by 24 and is accented with decorative tile, stone or glass – whatever the homeowner’s personal taste dictates. We also find that as people are getting older, they are putting curbless showers – a feature of universal design.”

“Linear drains are becoming very popular in showers right now. They basically run the width of the shower. You can also see mosaics on shower floors, but they aren’t what everyone is putting in. 12 by 24 tile on show floor is popular. My personal favorite is 20 by 20. It really is whatever speaks to you.”

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