2014 Kitchen Trends – The Five Musts

Posted on | January 9, 2014 | 1 Comment

Growing up, I recall the kitchen as the room where I spent most of my time after school. Once home, I would spread out my books to start my homework and share a few details about my day with my Mother. The kitchen is still the room where my family gathers when we’re together. It’s warm, inviting and encourages long conversations. Today, Raleigh interior designer Vicky Serany of Southern Studio Interior Design details for North Carolina Design the classic staples of a well designed kitchen. Vicky explains what’s necessary for your kitchen to continue to function well and bring enjoyment for years to come.

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1. Focus on Function
“First and foremost, the kitchen has to work for your family and the way you live,” Vicky notes. “The more tailored your space is to your needs, the more comfortable, organic, and timeless it will look and feel.” Vicky also suggests limiting add-ons and extras for your kitchen. “I advise my clients to forgo the bells and whistles, and only incorporate the features they know they will need and use,” she explains. “This eliminates clutter, and creates a clean design that’s free of trendy, yet unnecessary items.”

2. Use Lighting Thoughtfully
According to Vicky, having a well thought-out lighting plan is another essential component of a timeless kitchen design. “A layered lighting plan that incorporates multiple ambient, task and accent lighting sources gives you a solid base to work with, with options to change the mood or look of the kitchen quickly.”

3. Select Timeless Materials
Natural materials like wood, stone, metal and glass are always timeless,” notes Vicky. “The great thing about natural materials is that they are inherently unique. No two granite slabs or slate tiles are the same. They have different patterns and different markings. So you have this enduring appeal, yet this great touch of character.”

4. Choose Colors Carefully
“I recommend beginning with a base palette of beautiful, soft neutrals. I personally love using warm grays,” Vicky notes. She suggests adding in bolder colors in small ways, with items that can easily be changed out as your style or tastes change. “Have some fun with a unique backsplash. Use a pop of color on the ceiling for an added surprise, or choose bar stools in an unexpected color for a dramatic effect.”

5. Consider Your Home’s Architecture
“The architecture of your home is a permanent feature, and to keep your kitchen design timeless, you have to be true it,” Vicky notes. “You want to make sure that the mouldings, the flooring, all of the trim details, and especially the cabinetry style reflect the overall home design, and integrate seamlessly.”

Following these tips, you are well on your way to establishing a kitchen that will bring you lasting enjoyment and stand the test of time.

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  1. Donna Frasca
    January 9th, 2014 @ 7:32 AM

    These are all very good tips to guide you to having a beautiful and timeless kitchen. We really do spend most of our day here in the heart of the home so it’s imperative that’s its color and style will be beautiful for years to come! Very informative article!

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