Teamwork – The Most Essential Element Of Home Design

Posted on | May 3, 2012 | 2 Comments

Designing a home is a complicated process that requires the skill and insight of a number of different professionals. As Amy Conner-Murphy of ACM Design in Asheville can tell you, a great outcome depends on great teamwork and a shared vision.

Images Courtesy of ACM Design

ACM Design handles both the architectural and interior design aspects of home design. While architects and interior designers are equally important to the home design process, they have different perspectives, different priorities and different goals. “Architects deal with a home’s broader, more practical elements, such as structure, site placement and natural lighting,” notes Amy. “Interior designers deal with a home’s narrow, more detailed aspects, such as a room’s look, feel and day-to-day function.”

This means that while an architect may be thinking about the optimum dimensions and window placement in a room, an interior designer is thinking about how the homeowners will move through and utilize the space. Each must work to accommodate the other’s perspective.

At ACM Design, having both facets of home design in-house does allow for a more streamlined process, and it can save clients time and help them get the most for the money. “We handle all of the details of a project collectively, from broad to specific, all the way through the process,” Amy explains. “We have a lot of flexibility, and we can offer a wide range of services.”

Amy does stress, however, that an in-house team is not the only way to build a project team. “Sometimes a client comes to us with an interior designer that they have worked with in the past. We are here to serve the client, whether that means providing all inclusive services or building a team of professionals to serve those specific needs. Each person on a design team should be the best possible person fit for the task.”

Images Courtesy of ACM Design

In the end, it really is all about communication, collaboration, and solid teamwork. “Bridging the different perspectives of the client, architect, interior designer, landscape designer and builder, and working toward a common goal – these are the essential elements which ensure the success of the project.”

Amy Conner-Murphy is an Asheville architect and the principal of ACM Design. Her firm is known for designing homes that suit their clients’ lifestyles, complementing the property and its natural features.

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