Beautifully Finessed Layers Of Gray And A Balanced Use Of Repeating Geometrics Create A Warm & Welcoming Home

As design lovers, we spend a lot of time discussing a home’s aesthetics and its function. However, the way a home feels – and the mood it sets – are equally important. It takes an intuitive, creative professional to perfectly pin down and capture that undefinable quality that their clients are looking for in their [...]

“Tips Of The Trade” From North Carolina Design Experts

Once again, several of our design professionals weigh in, sharing some great tips for the home. With years of experience creating living spaces that speak to who their clients are and how they live, these experts from North Carolina Design are definitely qualified to offer insightful “Tips Of The Trade” on a variety of subjects. Quartz [...]

Winston-Salem Interior Designer Delights With The Details As This Parade Of Homes Entry Wins Platinum

I love being able to present whole house projects to the readers of North Carolina Design. In her own words today, good friend, guest blogger and Winston-Salem interior designer June DeLugas takes us on a tour of this newly constructed house. I know you will enjoy reading about the creativity of June and her firm [...]

Winston-Salem Interior Designer Believes “Less Is More”
…Except At Christmas!

It’s hard to believe with this weather that Christmas is just around the corner. A few years back, guest blogger and Winston-Salem interior designer June DeLugas of June DeLugas Interiors shared these thoughts with us on Christmas decorating. North Carolina Design thought it was worth re-posting June’s love for decorating at Christmas and her ideas [...]

North Carolina Design Holiday Recipes ~
Pumpkin Cake, June DeLugas Interiors

North Carolina Design is adding more yummy delights to the holiday table. This one is a mouth watering pumpkin cake which is brought to us courtesy of Winston-Salem interior designer June Delugas, of June Delugas Interiors. I must confess that I have a sweet tooth, which means that I could easily start the meal with [...]

“Before And After” Transformation Of Winston-Salem Home

I love seeing “Before and After” images that detail a great interior design transformation. Today, in her own words, one of our favorite interior designers, June DeLugas, takes North Carolina Design through one such metamorphosis. The Winston-Salem interior design firm of June DeLugas Interiors has taken this dated 25 year old home and made it [...]

Winston-Salem Design Team Takes Home Platinum Award

Once again, North Carolina Design is fortunate to hear from one of our favorites – Winston-Salem interior designer, June DeLugas, of June DeLugas Interiors. She shares with us her insights on a home that received top honors during the recent 2013 Fall Parade of Homes sponsored by The Home Builders Association of Winston-Salem. A long [...]

Living Rooms, Family Rooms, Dens: Unmasking The Indentities!

Creativity abounds in these living rooms, family rooms and dens. Like our Readers, I truly loved every entry in this year’s 2013 Living In Style Reader’s Choice Contest. You’ve seen the winner and runner up. Today, North Carolina Design is excited to reveal the identities of the first group of amazingly talented professionals behind the [...]

Kitchens That Sizzle In 2013

Not long after I graduated from college, I was invited to dinner at the home of a new friend. Sitting in her kitchen, I saw a cross stitch hanging on the wall that I have never forgotten. It read, “Sit Long. Talk Much.” The kitchen is the area of the home where people invariably gather [...]

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