With Proper Planning And A Good Designer, A Kitchen Remodel Isn’t The Big Green Eyed Monster You Feared It Would Be

Homeowners will often live too long with a kitchen that no longer suit their needs, simply because they are afraid of the unknown. Kitchen remodels can seem very overwhelming, but they aren’t necessarily the big green monster people imagine them to be. Gina Arledge, owner and principal designer at the premier Greensboro design firm, The [...]

Beautiful North Carolina Kitchens Awash In White

I am definitely very partial to the wonderfully clean, crisp and classic look of white kitchens. My own kitchen is white, after all! White kitchens have been a Southern tradition for many years, and now it seems they are experiencing a renewed popularity with homeowners in North Carolina. To get a better understanding of just [...]

Anatomy Of A Custom Kitchen: Before & After

Whether you’re an avid cook or you just like to enjoy a cup of coffee each morning at your kitchen table, having a kitchen that inspires you and meets all of your needs is a dream come true. Designer Gina Arledge of  The Kitchen Studio in Greensboro knows something about making kitchen dreams a reality. [...]

Teamwork: The Best Ingredient for a Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen remodel or renovation requires creativity and attention to detail in both the design and the execution. Two Piedmont Triad firms, The Kitchen Studio and Ned Eldridge Inc. Residential Restoration, have collaborated with homeowners throughout the region on projects of this sort. North Carolina Design Online recently caught up with Gina Arledge, of The [...]

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