The Inviting Neutrals of This Contemporary Condo Are Nicely Complemented By Subtle Beauty & Drama

As design enthusiasts, we live for spaces that offer beauty, drama, and artistry. But these elements don’t always come in a bold, showy package. A true expert knows how to make an impact, even while keeping a space clean, sophisticated, and understated. As owner and principal of preeminent Raleigh design firm Colorful Concepts Interior Design, [...]

“Tips Of The Trade” From North Carolina Design Professionals

From interior designers to kitchen designers and landscape architects – once again, several of our North Carolina Design professionals share some great tips with our readers for all areas of the home. With years of experience creating living spaces that speak to who their clients are and how they live, these design experts are definitely [...]

Raleigh Interior Designer Uses Art To Add Beauty To A Space, Set A Tone & Tell The Story Of Her Clients

Every selection in a space serves to add beauty and help tell a story. However, there is something truly transcendent about art. The right piece of art pulls a room together, helps sets a tone and a mood and takes the overall design to an entirely new level. Raleigh interior designer Sally Williams, owner of [...]

Durham Interior Designer Affirms That Classic Design Is Based On Good Form, Good Lines And Good Principles

A classic design calls to mind elegance, grace, and timeless beauty. But, as Durham interior designer Minta Bell of Minta Bell Design Group can tell us, classic design can also be daring, colorful, diverse in style, and richly nuanced. Minta is an expert at creating interiors that are thoughtful and tasteful, yet bold and inspiring. [...]

“Tips Of The Trade” From North Carolina Design Experts

Once again, several of our design professionals weigh in, sharing some great tips with readers for all areas of the home. With years of experience creating living spaces that speak to who their cleints are and how they live, these experts from North Carolina Design are definitely qualified to offer insightful “Tips Of The Trade” [...]

For This Raleigh Interior Designer, The Creative Process Definitely Involves Thinking Outside The Box

Design is all about breathing new life into a space. Raleigh interior designer Michael Steiner, of Steiner Design Interiors, has been renovating, renewing and repurposing his client’s spaces for over 25 years, to great success. Michael is known for his dedication to his clients, and for his distinctive gift for transforming the mundane into the [...]

For This Raleigh Interior Designer, Creating Design Flow & Continuity Begins Before A Single Wall On The Home Goes Up

Designing a newly-built home from scratch is a task that would daunt even the most stalwart of homeowners. For Eddie Rider, owner of Eddie Rider Designs in Raleigh, it’s all in a day’s work. Eddie puts entire homes together – from floor finishes to window treatments to drawer pulls – before a single wall even [...]

Raleigh Interior Designers Share The Finer Details Of Designing With Color – Adding Life, Dimension & Warmth To A Space

Color brings so much to a space. It delights the eye, adds life and dimension, and sets a perfect mood. Brittany Ruch and Lauren McKay of Design Lines, Ltd. are experts in color, deftly using it to create an aesthetic that tells their clients’ stories and makes their homes personal, warm and beautiful. As one [...]

Raleigh Interior Designer Balances A Fresh, Crisp Style With Warmth And Beauty

Good design is all about balance and perspective, and so is being a good designer. Rebecca Driggs, owner of Driggs Designs, and mom to three young boys, knows a little something about creating balance and harmony in her designs – and in life. Rebecca is known for her fresh, crisp style, in which she wonderfully [...]

Celebrating The Classic Staples Of Interior Design

A classic design is a true picture of comfort and delight. Betsy Anderson of Betsy Anderson Interiors & Co. in Raleigh is well-known for creating spaces that invoke a classic and timeless look and feel, while remaining fresh, updated and inviting. North Carolina Design talked with Betsy to recently find out just how she achieves [...]

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