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Ask any interior designer about the most exciting and challenging aspects of their work, and the photo shoot ranks near the top. Over the years, designers have relayed to me their good experiences as well as their colossal disappointments in having their projects photographed. I recently sat down with Raleigh photographer Tad Davis, of Tad Davis Photography, getting his thoughts on how to ensure the success of the interior design or architectural photo shoot.

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Study Portfolios
Tad explains that the first thing a designer, builder or architect should do is their home work. “You can always ask other professionals within your network who they know. It is an absolute must, however, to go to the Internet and study the portfolios of local photographers. If you like what you see, that’s a good measure of the quality that you will receive.”

Ask For References
Tad explains that photography is a critical investment in your business, and designers or architects shouldn’t be afraid to ask for – and to check references. “You will not only get an understanding about the quality of their photography, but by asking the right questions, you will find out about their promptness to appointments, ability to work with others and turnaround times of their work – important attributes in a good photographer,” Tad says.

Be Ready
Tad advises builders, architects and designers to take the time to prep for their photo shoot. “The more ready you are, the more your photographer will be able to immediately begin working, and continue working from the moment they arrive – setting up, lighting the room and composing each shot,” he explains. This may involve a preliminary visit on your part to your client’s house so you know what is needed to “fluff” each room being photographed. It also means that you should be prepared in advance of the time your photographer is arriving.

Share Ideas
The best photo shoots are a result of collaboration between client and photographer. “While the client is the director so to speak, the photo shoot is an opportunity for collaboration in creativity. As you share ideas, together you are able to achieve something greater,” says Tad. The unsuccessful photo can occur when a photographer refuses to listen or the client fails to communicate their vision. “My experience allows me to offer suggestions based on your vision.”

Make The Viewer One With The Image
According to Tad, “Your photographs are an opportunity for you to share your creative vision as a designer or architect, or highlight your artistry and craft as a builder. One of the best ways to do this is by photographing the space so that the viewer has the experience of being in the room, rather than feeling that they are on the outside looking in.” This allows the quality of the design and details of the craftsmanship to stand out.

With these insightful tips, you are on your way ensuring that your next professional photo shoot is a successful and positive experience.

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