Spring 2016 High Point Furniture Market Recap –
Varied Colors & Styles Allow For Individualized Design

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What does the arrival of spring mean to you? Certainly it means a time for enjoying comfortable temperatures and flourishing outdoor scenery. For those of us who love all things related to interior design, the month of April means a figurative rolling out of the red carpet for the most important event of the season – the Spring High Point Furniture Market!

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North Carolina Design, once again allows you to peek inside the Market and find out what new looks, trends and colors made their appearance just a few weeks ago. We have the scoop, brought to us today by Greensboro interior designer Laura Redd, of Laura Redd Interiors. For nearly two decades, Laura has provided her clients with exceptional design, hand-tailored to their individual needs. Throughout the years, she has closely followed the shifting design styles, and as a seasoned expert, Laura is in the know about what’s worth noting at the latest Market.

This Market was certainly distinctive, and left a lasting impression on Laura. “It was like no other time I have ever seen,” she remarks. “It was very individualized, and very eclectic. You really could find absolutely anything you wanted, no matter what your tastes are. It was all about individual expression – about mixing and matching elements from different styles to create something unique, and using bold accents to make a statement.”

“There is currently a great style divide between generations. Older generations tend to prefer red, green and gold colors, and furniture with a more traditional flair. Younger generations prefer blue, gray and taupe, and they like simple furniture with clean lines and solid colors. Both preferences were very well represented. There were whole showrooms with blue, gray and taupe, and whole showrooms with red, green and gold. There really was something there for everyone.”

Color abounded at this spring’s Market. “A while back the showrooms were all tan, gray and taupe,” observes Laura. “This time they were full of color. And it wasn’t just one color, it was all kinds of colors, including pops of really bold colors. I saw a lot of fuchsia, a lot of navy, and a lot of bright pops of teal. Teal is going to be the next big color. As far as metallics, it was all about soft, muted, almost molten gold, which I absolutely loved.”

Laura found the accessories to be bolder, more dramatic, and more eclectic this spring. “There were a lot of big statement pieces, as opposed to a collection of smaller items,” Laura recalls. “Everything was more abstract, and geared toward mixing and matching. For example, you might add interest to a wall by using a bunch of different mirrors, as opposed to a single large mirror.

“Rugs have become more abstract – I saw a lot of paint splash styles, and fewer geometric styles. Lighting is more abstract as well, and more dramatic. In light fixtures, I saw a lot of groupings, and a lot of eclectic statement pieces. There were lots of floor lamps of every variety. And I saw a lot of bar lighting above night tables instead of lamps.”

While furniture tended toward clean lines and a simple style, it, too had an eclectic, mix-and-match flair. “Larger pieces tended to have neutral or solid colors or smaller prints,” notes Laura. “Case goods tended to be simple and plain, but they were accented with dramatic hardware, like teardrop earrings or fishtails. Or they had an assortment of doors and drawers, giving them an urban industrial feel. There was also some elegance and sparkle mixed in – I saw a lot of lucite, and a lot of soft gold on case goods and furniture.”

Laura was both excited and inspired by this spring’s Market. “I love that there are so many options for showing individuality,” she says. “You don’t have to commit to a single style. You can mix treasured family pieces with abstract statement pieces. You can find a traditional chair with a geometric print. Rather than just doing something that’s “pretty” and “matches,” you can so easily find something that speaks to who you are, and makes your home a more joyful place to live.”

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