Selecting The Right Rug Elevates The Décor, Taking The Interior Design Of A Room To A Wonderful New Level

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When well-chosen, a rug can do so much more than fill up a blank space or complement a décor. It can light up a room and elevate a design to a wonderful new level. So how does one choose the right rug? To find out, North Carolina Design turned to Nelda Lay and Cynthia McLaren of The Persian Carpet in Durham. An exceptional source for fine handmade rugs, The Persian Carpet features over 6,000 selections in virtually every style. Cynthia and Nelda are experts at helping homeowners find pieces that are perfect for their homes.

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Rather than just a piece of an overall puzzle, Nelda and Cynthia believe that a rug is one of the most important factors in a design. “It sets the tone for the entire room,” observes Nelda. “So we believe that it should be a priority. It’s much easier to pull artwork and fabrics that go with a rug than to come in and find the right rug when everything else is settled on.”

Cynthia agrees. “A rug can be a large part of a design budget,” she notes. “But customers will often leave it for last. They’ll bring in all of their fabrics and paint chips, then realize there are only two options that will work with the room and they don’t like either of them. Or they’ll find that the only rug that works is out of their price range. If they start with the rug, they can make sure they’reinvesting in something they love and move from there.”

Even if you come in at the beginning of the design process, choosing the right rug is not easy. Cynthia and Nelda are happy to walk homeowners through the process. “We first ask what room and what size,” offers Cynthia. “Then, we discuss style – do they want traditional, or contemporary? Then we take them to a stack and start turning. If they don’t like any in the first stack we move to another.”

“We observe what they like and what they don’t, and we make suggestions,” adds Nelda. “Little by little, we help them narrow it down. If a customer is serious about choosing something perfect, they might take 5 or 6 rugs home with them so they can compare them it in their light, in their space. That really is the best way to be sure.”

Along with style and size, quality is an important consideration for a rug. Cynthia and Nelda tell us that the main misconception out there is that high knot count equals the best quality rug. “The number of knots per square inch is actually a function of design,” explains Cynthia. “To achieve a very detailed pattern with curvilinear designs, a rug requires a higher knot count. For a bold open pattern, larger knots will suffice. As long as you are considering rugs that are well-constructed using high-quality wool, you should find that your rug choice very durable. ”

“Wool rugs are surprisingly easy to care for. They have a natural lanolin oil that acts as a protectant. I have small children and I have rugs all over the house. As long as you get spills up right away, they are extremely easy to clean,” affirms Cynthia.

“One kind of rug that takes special care is a silk rug,” observes Nelda. “So with a wool rug, your main consideration should be color, pattern and texture. If you have babies crawling around you’ll want a comfy, soft rug. If you have an active family, a darker color makes more sense than a lighter color. You’ll also want to go for something with a pattern and color that will hide spills.”

Both Nelda and Cynthia strive to help homeowners see rugs for what they are – works of art that bring life and beauty to a home. “We’ve had customers cry when they downsize and have to part with a rug,” reflects Nelda. “They get attached to them in the same way they become attached to a beloved sculpture or painting. It’s really such a joy to help people find the right rug. It’s something that makes their homes – and their lives – more beautiful.”

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