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We have encouraged you, our readers, to vote during the month of August in our Living In Style Interior Design Contest – and you are! Designers across North Carolina continue to submit their Living Rooms, Family Rooms & Dens. It has been our pleasure to showcase some of the best traditional and contemporary interior design talent that our state has to offer.

While voting for the contest remains anonymous, so many wonderful comments have accompanied the votes that I wanted to share a few today. I have added a couple of comments above each entry below. Let me first share my collective favorite comment. It came from the father of one of our entrants. Like a proud father, he voted for his favorite designer. Since his votes and comments were not displaying, this gentleman was concerned that his previous votes had perhaps been in vain. When he next voted, he added the comment, “I do hope my vote gets counted this time!” To him I say, Sir, we are counting your every vote!

To vote for your favorite room, simply leave a comment on any North Carolina Design blog post, naming the entry/room you are voting for. Every room has been given a name. When voting, you must name the room that you are voting for on (any) North Carolina Design blog post. You can vote for your favorite once a day – every day – until midnight August 31, 2012. Votes/comments will not appear on the blog because votes remain anonymous (unless you have posted a comment on the NC Design blog in the past).

Through The Windows Of Design
I’m voting for Through the Windows of Design. This room is perfection! It has great comfortable elements and wonderful style.

I like Through the Windows of Design. I can visualize myself sipping a cocktail with good friends in that room.


Prime Time Viewing In Style
Love “Prime Time Viewing” – would be my “go to ” room for everything …tv …reading …that little nap. It screams comfort and fun.

Wish I was sitting in Prime Time Viewing and watching Masterpiece Theatre. A comfortable and inviting room.


The Artistry Of Plates
So gracious and welcoming – my vote is for The Artistry Of Plates. Everything about it is just beautiful, don’t you agree?

The Artistry Of Plates. As a fellow collector, this room has my vote. A perfect room for entertaining and celebrating wonderful moments with friends.


An Elegant Gathering
Voting for An Elegant Gathering. I love the antique cabinet on the back wall.

An Elegant Gathering is a warm space where friends will linger at the end of an evening.


Lighter Shade Of Pale
I just love Lighter Shade Of Pale. Sometimes soft tones say just as much as bright colors. So classic.

Lighter Shade Of Pale has wonderful lines. The kind of room that never goes out of style.


Coat Of Many Colors
Coat of Many Colors. I find that the design fits the space perfectly. Love the color scheme. Wonderful.

I am voting for Coat of Many Colors. Tell me, does the room make the carpet… or does the carpet make the room? It could go either way. Love it!


Join Us In Conversation
Join Us In Conversation is a very inviting space where friends can gather, enjoy a glass of wine and celebrate each other’s company.

I like the inviting appeal of Join Us In Conversation. It welcomes me in.


A Great Read
A Great Read radiates a calm, serene ambiance that would lure one to settle in and forget the rush of the day and its problems.

“A Great Read” is a stunning library that whisks people away from dull daily routines into a world of reading. Everyone longs for a place such as this, where they can enjoy the many pleasures of literature.


A Sentimental Journey
This living room accommodates a large group of friends at an annual Christmas party or a few friends for a cocktail. I am voting for A Sentimental Journey.

My favorite is A Sentimental Journey…very elegant and you can tell it holds a lot of personal history.


Glass Walls
I vote for “Glass Walls.” I am drawn to the symmetry created between the furnishings, the rug and the walls. Wonderful with so much light!

Glass Walls gets my vote. Great contemporary styling. I am sure it’s not easy to design a room with glass wall and I love the openness.


I’ll Light The Fire
I’ll Light The Fire – With the warmth of the surroundings and a soaring fire, a wonderful place to gather with friends.

I am not sure where this is, but I’ll Light The Fire would make a great mountain getaway. It gets my vote.


Hearth And Home
I love the classic detailing of the mantle in Hearth & Home. The entire room is very well appointed.

Hearth and Home has my vote. It seems to be a wonderful presentation of old and new.


Reflections In Flight
Reflections In Flight – Simply elegant. Enough said.

I vote for Reflections in Flight. In seeing this, don’t you wish you had the opportunity to see more of this home


Fresh Hydrangeas Fill The Air
Fresh Hydrangeas Fill The Air – Invites me to enjoy a comfortable and classic space. Very Nice!

My vote is for Fresh Hydrangeas. I like the classic and traditional styling of it. I know I could be perfectly at home there.

Vote for your favorite once a day – every day – through August 31, 2012 by leaving a comment here on our blog

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