Raleigh Residential Designer Creates A Family Feeling And Classic Appeal In This New Home

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Designing a home is a truly challenging feat – it must be the right home for the lot, the neighborhood, and the client’s wants and needs. It takes great skill to balance all of these factors and still create something exceptional, and Raleigh residential designer Carter Skinner is the man for the job. He designed today’s featured home, a Long Island shingle home located in a new community development in Raleigh. With the collaboration of the client and a trusted interior designer, he not only created a fantastic house – he helped make it a home.

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“It has a very appealing location, with a park, lots of trees, lots of sidewalks, and exceptional quality homes,” noted Carter. “The development was first started with the idea that it would appeal to empty nesters, but it actually turned out to be very popular with young families.”

One such family belonged to Carter’s client and longtime friend – a single father with twin boys and one daughter. “We were very happy to work with him,” Carter recalls. “It was a true collaboration. His main priority was having a home that was very comfortable for himself and his children, but was also a bit whimsical and fun. He’s a wonderful cook – he has a degree from a culinary institute – and he loves to entertain frequently, so we took that into consideration as well.”

The home’s first floor offers an open, free-flowing space equally ideal for entertaining active children or a crowd of dinner guests. The second floor features four bedrooms; the twins shared one room, while the little girl had her own bedroom. The master bedroom features an adjacent study, while a spacious playroom on the third floor provided a perfect spot for the kids to enjoy.

While Carter very much enjoyed working on this project, it wasn’t without its challenges – chief of which was the home’s location on a corner lot. “It sat at the intersection of several streets in the middle of community, which meant it could be seen from several angles,” he explains. “We wanted to address the corner in an appealing 3-dimensional way. We started with a turret on the corner, with views going down several directions, then we added several two-story gables on each side, which really gave it presence.”

Another challenge with the home was its small yard.  “This is a 4700 square foot house on a very, very tight lot,” Carter notes. “Because the yard was so small, we did as much as possible to bring the outdoors in. Natural light became very important – part of the reason for the open floor plan was to facilitate the flow of sunlight throughout the body of the house.”

When it came to creating the perfect look for the home’s interior, Carter turned to Raleigh interior designer Chapman Williams. “The client wanted a look that was classic, yet contemporary, and was friendly, warm, and a bit whimsical, but also very elegant,” he recounts. “It was a complex aesthetic, but I was very trusting of his skill and instincts, and knew he would do an incredible job with it.

“He created a warm family atmosphere that was also very stylish and unique. He used classical elements in a fresh way, so there’s this sense of timelessness, balanced with a contemporary feel. I especially love the way he used color and pattern to create interest. All the way around, this ended up being a beautiful house, and a great project. And it all came from really successful collaboration.”

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