Raleigh Remodeler Affirms The Continued Popularity Of White Kitchens

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White kitchens are much beloved in North Carolina and across the South – and not just because of their nostalgic appeal or clean fresh look. White can truly serve as a blank canvas, upon which a dream kitchen can easily be created. Sigmon Construction, in Raleigh, is known for its fine craftsmanship and for its ability to meet the individual desires of clients. As one of Raleigh’s premier building and remodeling companies, it has certainly crafted its share of white kitchens. To hear more about the possibilities that white kitchens possess, North Carolina Design talked to Bailey Anthony and Victoria Dively from Sigmon Construction.

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“White has always been a staple color, and it will always be a staple color,” explains Victoria. Bailey agrees, saying “While the demand for other colors and styles has changed, the demand for white kitchens has stayed fairly consistent.”

Bailey and Victoria attribute much of the popularity of white in kitchens to the color’s versatility. “White is a great neutral that works with everything,” offers Victoria. “White can be modern, traditional, or contemporary. It works well for custom kitchens, because it is so easy to add personality to the space and really make it your own.” Bailey adds “White is often synonymous with clean. With all of the colors, textures and activities that go on in a kitchen, it’s nice to have a clean backdrop to work against.”

While homeowners haven’t completely forgone color, neutrals win the day in today’s white kitchens. “People will sometimes use utensils, artwork and accessories to add in splashes of color,” Bailey notes. “But what we’re often seeing is white paired with a lot of neutrals, like white, black, gray and tan or taupe. We’re especially seeing a lot of creamy white paired with gray.”

Having a white kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean that your options are limited. “Carrera marble is very popular for white kitchen counters,” Victoria tells us. “But you also have quartz. People love quartz because it’s stain resistant – which helps the white stays white. White isn’t just all one shade, either – you can have everything from a crisp white, to a creamy white, to white that’s glazed with a hint of color.”

White can go in just about any style direction, and Bailey notes that cabinetry is one of the biggest factors when it comes to achieving the look that you want. “Cabinet style definitely dictates the character of a kitchen,” Bailey explains. “Inset raised panel cabinets are more traditional, while slab doors with hidden hardware are more contemporary. The cabinets you choose can take white one way or the other.”

Victoria notes that even the smaller details can make a big impact in a kitchen’s style. “Pulls, backsplashes, fixtures and moulding can all pull your kitchen in a distinct style direction,” she says. “The style of light you choose can change the feel of the whole room. Also, one really great thing about white kitchens is that you can use mixed metals – white, black, brown, polished metal all go with white, and you can use hardware, sinks to add in a little texture and color.”

“White allows you to mix and match without things getting out of hand,” says Victoria. “You can be really creative with it.” Bailey agrees, adding “White is appealing because it’s crisp and simple and clean,” says Bailey. “But it also offers a lot of really great potential.”

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