Raleigh Interior Designer Balances A Fresh, Crisp Style With Warmth And Beauty

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Good design is all about balance and perspective, and so is being a good designer. Rebecca Driggs, owner of Driggs Designs, and mom to three young boys, knows a little something about creating balance and harmony in her designs – and in life. Rebecca is known for her fresh, crisp style, in which she wonderfully pairs warmth with simplicity, and beauty with function. North Carolina Design talked to Rebecca about her process, her passion for design, and how having a family informs her design aesthetic.

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“I love what I do, and there is nothing more satisfying than making a career out of doing something you truly enjoy,” she asserts. “Being a designer also offers the best of two worlds – I can be completely dedicated to my clients, but still have enough flexibility to make time for family.”

Rebecca’s family-oriented perspective has made her a natural fit for homeowners with children. “I understand families well, and my aesthetic tends to complement their needs,” she reflects. “They need a clean, uncluttered space with lots of storage. They need fabrics that are going to last. And they need a space that’s updated, but not too fussy – somewhere they’re not afraid to sit down, where nothing is so precious or so breakable that they’re afraid to touch it.”

“In my initial conversation with a prospective client I always ask whether they have seen my work, and whether it fits their aesthetic,” she notes. “They should be able to say ‘I love your designs. I could live in one of your designs!’”

Rebecca has an MBA, and her business background allows her to deftly balance beautiful designs with pragmatic and budget-conscious design solutions. “I approach every project from a creative aspect, of course, but I am also very conscious of things like market value and resale, and I am really committed to the budget,” she explains. “I like everything to be clear and cut-and-dried. I’m not going to try to sell anyone more expensive items to improve my bottom line.”

“Most people don’t know what their budget is because they don’t know what a room really costs,” she continues. “Based on their wants, their needs and images of rooms they like, I give homeowners a range of overall costs, and then they can decide what works. We can work at the low end or the high end of the range. It’s all up to them.”

Rebecca truly enjoys every aspect of her job. “I feel like I am being rewarded for something I would be happy to do even if I didn’t get paid,” she admits. “If I didn’t do this for a living, I’m sure I would be redoing my own house over and over again. While that would be fun, it’s much more satisfying to create spaces for my clients that make them feel happy and proud to come home to each day.”

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