Raleigh Custom Builder Combines Exceptional Skill And An Analytical Background In Crafting Beautiful Homes

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A luxury custom home is always a marvel of artistry, as well as a testament to the hard work, exceptional skill and attention to detail of the builder. Jon Rufty, founder and CEO of Rufty Homes in Raleigh, has been building and remodeling such homes for over 25 years. He has made a name for himself as one of Raleigh’s most highly sought after and well respected builders, due in large part to a distinctive combination of a deeply analytical mind and a genuinely caring nature. North Carolina Design chatted with Jon to find out more about his background, his priorities, and what drives his dedication to exceptional work.

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“I actually have a background in computer systems integration,” he confides. “When I worked in that field, my job was to listen to all of the clients’ needs, connect one piece with another, and design a system that worked. I have found that, while building is a different industry, the ability to listen, analyze and create solutions still applies, and still serves me well.”

Jon’s analytical, information-driven perspective is part of what makes his business such a success. “It’s really about educating and informing homeowners,” he maintains. “Our clients like to be involved. They want input – they want to understand everything so they can make decisions and be a part of the process.”

Jon feels that one of the most critical aspects of client involvement is the creation of a budget. “Our industry has a bad reputation for surprising homeowners with hidden costs,” he concedes. “Homeowners want to be heard. They want to be comfortable about where their money is going.”

“To be honest, the desires of homeowners and their budgets never match up. So we listen carefully to what they want, we educate them about costs, and we work with them to arrive at the best price. An education-based quote ensures that there are no surprises. If the price goes up, it’s because the homeowner wanted it to go up.”

Earning the trust of clients is central to Jon’s business philosophy. “We aren’t just serving customers – we’re creating relationships,” he affirms. “We’re available to our clients on their terms, on their time, and we do whatever it takes to make them a part of the process. When it comes to luxury custom homes, we’re not talking about three meetings – we’re talking about 50 to 80 meetings and hundreds of hours invested.”

Jon can manage this level of personal attention because his company is heavily staffed with builders who share his work ethic, his vision, and his priorities. “We all have a common thread – a personal commitment to our job and to the client,” he notes. “We all work very well as a team. Most of our people have been here for a number of years – we have very, very low turnover. We only hire people who have a real heart for others, and who genuinely care about one another, and about our clients as individuals.”

“We don’t see it as ‘the client’s home,’ but as ‘Mary Jo’s home.’ We really get to know the people – their kids, their hobbies, their lifestyles – and that helps us build a better house. Clients feel really safe with us. They know we are after their best interest, and that they can count on a lifetime of support – we work with people today that we worked with 20 years ago. It really is about so much more than building a beautiful house – it’s about building a legacy of quality and trust for our clients.”

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