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It used to be that interior designers, architects and remodelers could rely on word of mouth to keep clients rolling in. Times have changed, however. Having quality, professional photographs of your hard work can mean the difference between getting and not getting that coveted job. To find out what it takes to create a compelling image that gets great results, we spoke to veteran photographer Dustin Peck of Dustin Peck Photography in Charlotte.

Image Courtesy of Angela Pence Interior Design Photography by Dustin Peck

Dustin believes that one of the most important components of a successful photo shoot is collaboration. “First and foremost, I find out who my client is and what they want,” he tells us. “The client has a specific vision for their photographs. I am there to use my expertise to help them accomplish that vision—not to impose my own ideas.” Thanks to modern digital photography, Dustin can immediately show clients images from the photo shoot on his computer screen –  and they can decide together what shots will work best.

Knowing who the client is and what their needs are also helps determines what to shoot, and how to shoot it. If the client is an interior designer, the focus must be on the room as a whole. If the client is a cabinetmaker, the focus must be on the cabinetry. The specific mood or look a client is going for must also be taken into account, as well as whether the photos will be used online or in print.

Images Courtesy of Carter Skinner Residential Design Photography by Dustin Peck

Regardless of the client, Dustin always shoots for the wow factor. “This is show business,” he explains. “It’s not about creating a literal, documentary-style image. It’s about showcasing my clients’ work in a way that evokes a mood, a feeling and a lifestyle that inherently draws people in.” To achieve this, Dustin avoids attempting to photograph an entire room.  Instead, he intuitively searches out the spots that will create the most visual impact. He photographs from chair height to give viewers a sense of intimacy and the feeling that they are in the room.

Image Courtesy of Knight Carr & Company Photography by Dustin Peck

One of the most essential tools in Dustin’s arsenal is lighting. Proper lighting is essential for capturing a mood, highlighting important details, keeping colors true, and achieving balance between light and shadow. When possible, Dustin will scout the site to get an idea of where and how sunlight will hit it. This allows him to determine the ideal time of day and the angle for the shoot. Dustin prefers to use lighting that capitalizes on available sunlight to keep shots as natural as possible. He also stresses that it’s essential to light a room properly.

Dustin Peck is an architectural and interior design photographer located in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a sought after photographer across the state, Dustin lends his expertise to interior designers in Charlotte, Raleigh architects and Greensboro kitchen designers.

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