Personalizing Interiors Through Collections

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Everyone is a collector of something. I collect watches, which I both wear and showcase in my home. Collections are definitely a personal way of accessorizing your home. Charlotte interior designer, Anita Holland, of Anita Holland Interiors, shares with North Carolina Design today that the reasons people start collecting china and other items for display in the home are as varied as the collectibles themselves. Some begin collections quite by accident. Others may inherit a collection which then takes on sentimental value. It can simply be the beauty of a single piece and the joy it brings that prompts the quest for more.

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“In interior design, the main goal is that every client’s home needs to be about them, and a collection personalizes the home instantly,” explains Anita. For homeowners interested in the splash of color a piece of china can bring, Anita often recommends Rose Medallion. It usually features a central medallion with flowers surrounded by four panels, showing scenes of people, alternating with panels depicting objects such as butterflies, birds and flowers. It was first made during the early 1800’s.

“One of my favorite clients renovated a lovely home and discovered that after the wall coverings, draperies, furnishings and carpet were installed, many of the table tops still needed our attention,” explains Anita. “A pair of Rose Medallion ten-inch vases made into lamps was the perfect answer for the burl chest in the entrance hall. This client’s great appreciation for Rose Medallion began – and so did her collection.”

As for Anita, she bought her first pieces of Rose Medallion in New York City in the early 1980’s. “I remember hand-carrying them on the plane back to Charlotte,” she recounts. “This started me on my journey of collecting plates, chargers and platters of all sizes and shapes. It is one obsession I have never regretted.” Anita explains that collections draw the eye and add interest to a space. “They definitely create a more personal environment, but I never tell a client, ‘You must have a collection,’” she says. “It just sort of happens.”

Anita recalls recommending Rose Medallion for a wall of bookcases in the living room of another client, which started them on their path as a collector. “When I have clients interested in starting collections, I tell them to consider things that they find intriguing ~ glass, boxes, inkwells, tortoise, porcelains, etc. They soon discover that the thrill of the hunt is a lifelong venture.”

“It’s true that Rose Medallion is one of my personal favorite things to collect. The color palette works with a wide range of fabrics, flooring, and architectural designs. With the ornate detailing in the figures, flowers and birds, it is easily considered ‘art’ as well as china. It is still affordable and definitely creates that one-of-a-kind touch within a home.”

With a studio located in the Cedar Street Design Center, Charlotte interior designer Anita Holland specializes in all phases of design, including new construction and major renovations.

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