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It’s official. As I walked my dog, Macbeth, yesterday morning, I felt the first hint of a chill in the air. The coolness had me wistfully thinking that this would be the perfect time of year for a getaway to Western North Carolina. I’m a highly visual person, and the images my mind was conjuring up included scenic views as well as beautiful interiors. There are countless pictures on North Carolina Design, but when I think of an image, I tend to know who’s responsible for it. This mental mini vacation I took early yesterday morning in the Blue Ridge Mountains was courtesy of the Hendersonville interior design firm, Cheryl Smith Associates. It seems only right that I share the images that floated through my head, and perhaps a few others.

Images Courtesy of Cheryl Smith Associates ©

As I considered the leaves changing in the mountains and how beautiful it would be to take in this sight, the images above were the first ones that I thought of. In both of these pictures, the views are defining elements in the rooms. I believe that in the first room above, the architectural details such as the wood beams and the fireplace likely influenced Cheryl’s selection of fabrics and furnishings as she and her staff created a very warm and comfortable environment. What I like in the immediate image above is that they used the expanse of windows and their color selections to successfully bring the outside in. They made nature a part of their design.

When it comes to interior design in the mountains, the sign of an outstanding design firm is one that works to make the architectural details and exceptional craftsmanship truly stand out. Cheryl and her staff do exactly that. In the above picture, the movement in the fabric of the sofas works well with the arching details of the ceiling, just as the fireplace is nicely matched by the color of the two side chairs.

I recognize that the interiors of Cheryl Smith Associates properly reflect their mountain settings. I also like that the placement of quality artwork and client collections very often elevate the overall the design. In the dining room above, the landscape painting placed between the natural tree columns adds greater authenticity to the area. The living room, above, has an absolutely wonderful view, yet it is the painting over the fireplace and the cabinet containing the homeowner’s collection of artifacts that truly personalizes the space.

If you want a great view of the outdoors, then why not step outside? In my mind’s eye, that mini vacation I wish I had time to take would have lots of time spent relaxing on a porch. Whether I would be turned facing the mountains and the lake or turned toward a roaring fire with my feet up – either of these spaces shown above would be an excellent choice. I do appreciate Cheryl’s interior design efforts which allowed me to drift in thought … if I only had the time to take that vacation.

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