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I grew up in North Carolina and I can’t think of anywhere else that I would want to live. To me, we have the best of everything. That includes our coastline to the east and the mountains to the west. Many who prefer the higher altitudes and cooler climates of western North Carolina love it enough to make it their new permanent home, or at least their “home away from home.”

Images Courtesy of BlueRidge Design Dustin Peck Photography

When it comes to interior design, those who purchase mountain homes are often looking for a very specific look and feel. Kitty McCammon of BlueRidge Design has designed both primary residences and vacations getaways for clients throughout western North Carolina. She offers some insight into how designing for a mountain home differs from traditional homes.

Kitty explains that first and foremost, designing for mountain homes is “all about the view.” After all, the view is often the reason people choose one home over another, and it’s central to a home’s look and feel. “The focus then is about complementing the view and extending it inward so that the home’s interior reflects its natural surroundings,” says Kitty. To do this, she incorporates natural elements such as wood, linen and stone into the design.

As the sunlight  glances off the mountain peaks and lakes in the Blue Ridge area, it can be tricky to control the amount of light that comes through windows without compromising the view. Specialty window treatments become a must for some homes. Automated shades are a preferred choice of Kitty’s clients. “They’re lowered when necessary or completely raised out of view,” says Kitty. “Closing up the home no longer means covering up furnishings to protect them from the sun. It’s simply the touch of a button.”

Mountain homes often serve as vacation homes that offer the chance to “get away from it all.” When it comes to designing second homes, Kitty notes that while the process is more or less the same, there are some significant differences in the approach. “Since it’s their own private getaway, people looking to design a second home are often more adventurous and more willing to be creative with their design decisions. Because they come to their second home to relax, clients prefer a more scaled-down, low-maintenance design approach.”

Images Courtesy of BlueRidge Design Dustin Peck Photography

Kitty explains that doesn’t mean that clients always opt for a simple and rustic approach. Kitty has found that today’s mountain homeowners often prefer a high level of sophistication and elegance in their designs, and want an “urban rustic” or “glam lodge” look. To achieve this, Kitty balances the softness and rich curves of traditional design elements with industrial and modern items, as well as metallic accents that add glitz and shine.

At the beginning of the project, it was “all about the view.” At the end of the project, it’s still all about the view. It’s just a little more personal.

BlueRidge Design is an award-winning interior design firm in western North Carolina which recognizes that being attentive to the needs of the client is essential to the design experience.

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