Mother Nature Would Be Proud – The Transformation Of Natural Stone Into Works Of Art That Are Also Eco-Friendly

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When it comes to home design, we know how much details matter. That’s why we appreciate not only designers and builders, but the craftsmen, vendors and experts who pour their passion into the smaller things that make a home exceptional. We would be hard-pressed to find anyone more passionate than Laura Grandlienard, owner and founder of Raleigh’s ROCKin’teriors. An avid nature lover, Laura has based her successful business on her deep appreciation for natural stone, and her abiding principles of integrity, attention to detail, and earth-friendly craftsmanship. Laura spoke to North Carolina Design about her intriguing approach to stone fabrication.

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When Laura established ROCKin’teriors in 2008, she had a very specific goal in mind. “I wanted to add something new to the design market,” she affirms. “I absolutely love natural stone. The idea that you can carve a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry right from the ground, then enjoy it in your home, is so exciting to me. I wanted to create a company that focused on stone as art, and respected Mother Nature by keeping everything as organic and holistic as it can possibly be.”

In keeping with Laura’s vision, ROCKin’teriors hand crafts each stone piece in house, using low impact, chemical free fabrication techniques. The company is also committed to safety, and ensures a silicone-free environment for workers and clients. The company’s rigorous standards have earned them accreditation from the Natural Stone Institute, as well as certification from OSHA.

Laura’s love of keeping things natural, simple, and organic extends to the workspace, and the client experience she provides. “We really pride ourselves on maintaining a sense of openness, accessibility and transparency  in everything we do,” she explains. “Our facility is a fabricator, a studio and a showroom. When clients walk in, they can see all of these beautiful stone pieces, and have the experience of mother nature all around them.”

“We take them through the whole facility – it’s all open landscape. They can see all the workers working away. We actually have what we call a “pizza window,” where clients can come in, pull up a chair and view their project as it’s in process. So, they’re actually able to see how the piece they selected transforms.”

Laura is determined to give clients an ideal experience, from start to finish. “We work with designers, and directly with clients,” she notes. “Our goal is to for homeowners to feel right about investing in Mother Nature for their homes. Listening is key. We really listen to the client’s needs, and we find them the exact piece they’re looking for . And we really can find it – we have over 200 different types of material to choose from. If we don’t have the right piece, we’ll get it.”

“One recent client inherited all of her mother’s antique china, and she wanted to create a hutch for it that brought out the colors and complemented the rest of the kitchen. We were able to find the perfect piece. We help direct clients when it comes to color, material, movement and pattern placement. We also work very closely with the design community, making expert technical recommendations on why they should or shouldn’t go with a specific piece.”

Laura’s passion for her business extends to every detail. “We do everything in house – including installation,” she tells us. “We want to make sure that every aspect of the process is to our standards, and that the client gets exactly what they want. Each client is unique, and each piece is so much more than a slab of stone. It’s a work of art. It’s naturally custom. No one else will have anything like it. That’s really, really exciting, and it’s why I love what I do.”

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