March Madness Invades Home Decor

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I have to say that this is just about my favorite time of year. It has been for as long as I can remember. Certainly, I look forward to spring time and warm weather, but that’s not why my excitement level rises exponentially, just about … now. It’s March Madness! As the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament kicks off, it’s easy to see that loyalties for favorite teams have become a part of home décor.

Growing up, you showed your team spirit by wearing your team’s colors, sweat shirts and hats. Of course, that was also a time when flying a flag was simply patriotic. Take a drive through neighborhoods now and you’ll see collegiate flags proudly accenting the exteriors of numerous homes. Whether the flags are UNC, Duke, NC State, Florida State or several dozen others – these homeowners are serving notice that they too are experiencing March Madness.

While most people fly their flags outside of the house, my friend Laura Greeno has hers inside the house. She has a 2 story wall in the great room that I think would be perfectly suited for a lovely tapestry or quilt. This is the place, however that Laura and her husband have chosen to hang their very large Ohio State flag. Perhaps it adds to the excitement at game time. Buckeye fans are among the most avid and loyal, so I’m sure that it makes sense for this to be a major point of interest in the room.

I got to wondering about the term, “March Madness.” It seems that an official with the Illinois High School Basketball Association first penned the expression back in the 1930’s. It was CBS sportscaster Brent Musburger who first referred to the NCAA Tournament as March Madness in 1982 – and the name stuck.

A team like Kentucky has a rich basketball history and is worthy of its own room. For these Lake Norman residents, everything in the space pays homage to the history, tradition and success of the Wildcats’ program. Will they live up to the #1 ranking this year? (Many other residents of North Carolina hope not!)

I’m a Dukie, which means that things hopefully rise to a fever pitch as March progresses. I do confess I’m a bit superstitious at game time. While Duke is playing, I never wear team apparel or colors. When I do – they lose. I do have a Duke alumni chair in my den. It has a black satin finish with cherry arms. The Duke shield is printed on the top in gold. It’s surprisingly comfortable and goes well with the décor. For me, any more might jinx the team.

Do you enhance your décor this time of year based on your favorite team? You know, right now it’s not about how well that Duke chair fits into the style of the room. I just want to be sitting in it for the next 3 weekends, cheering Duke on to victory.

Much thanks to Laura, Grace, Elizabeth, Dean, Hettie and Buzz for assistance on gathering the images.

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