Landscape Design – The Quintessential Element Transforming The Exterior Of A House Into A Warm & Welcoming Home

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When it comes to the “little black dress,” every woman understands the importance that pearls play in completing the overall look. Landscape design accomplishes that same goal for the exterior of a home. It transforms what was once a house into a warm and welcoming home, perfectly complementing the the beauty of the architecture. Our guest blogger today is Carole Joyner of Joyner-Benfield Distinctive Land & Waterscapes in Charlotte. Carole takes North Carolina Design readers through a recent project, detailing what was involved in realizing its full potential.

Landscaping is an essential element in achieving a home’s finished look. When I saw the plans for this home, I immediately saw the landscape design I wanted to implement and set about the task of doing so.

BeforeImages Courtesy of Joyner-Benfield Distinctive Land & Waterscapes ©

The home sits close to the adjoining property, with glorious windows in the dining room that look directly onto the neighbor’s home and are on ‘axis’ from the front door. Being shaped, Tea Olives were the perfect plant to soldier down the right side foundation with 5 set in center of the dining room windows, and the others on center of bedroom and kitchen windows. The Tea Olives were tree-shaped for a stylized look.


The front entrance comes off a gravel/pebble courtyard to the left elevation of the home. It was very important to enhance the architectural lines on the entrance as being off set, not front and center. I designed the courtyard to be denoted with 4 American Hornbeams.

Cherry Laurels were planted on center of the front door across the courtyard for privacy. American Boxwoods are at each corner and the front entrance foundation. Pachysandra serves as the ground cover.

Providing vertical detail for the street front of the home are European Hornbeams.

For the added interest, we espaliered 2 Confederate Jasmines – one very large diamond design on the garage wall and one smaller design on the Veranda Chimney.

A small herb garden was planted at the base of the chimney – perfect for right outside the kitchen area.

European Hornbeams flanked the front to façade.

Again, more vertical was needed for the introduction of the home. Zelkova Ailee was used along the pebble driveway in an alternate fashion.

The owner wanted privacy. I designed a greenscape wall of Ligustum around the front perimeter of the property.

The Ligustum will be hedged as a wall as they mature. Irrigation was installed, sod was laid, and uplighting was installed on the American & European Hornbeams & Zelkovas. Also, an uplight for a future art piece was installed outside the dining room window.

The crew did an outstanding job working around building contractors, rain and a very difficult drainage problem that was solved with great drainage systems.



We are very proud of the finished landscape design and landscape product! I don’t think the clients wanted us to leave! That speaks volumes!

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