It’s A Fine Art: Wilmington Designer Draws Inspiration From Clients’ Worldwide Collection Of Art

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Each home’s design is as unique as its owners. It’s up to a designer to find a way to showcase their client’s distinctive style and bring their vision to life. This is no small task, but Angela Crittenden, of Teal Interior Design makes it look easy. The Wilmington interior design firm is known for creating designs that feature both a timeless quality and a sophisticated flair – traits that served Angela well on one of her most recent projects. Her clients were a well-traveled couple who finally put down roots in their new home. They wanted to create both a cozy retreat and a vibrant contemporary space, full of color and artistry. North Carolina Design sat down with Angela to find out how she went about creating the perfect design for them.

Images Courtesy of Teal Interior Design

When starting a project, Angela first finds a source to draw inspiration from. “I look for a single element and let it direct the rest of the design,” she explains. “It may be a beautiful coastal view, a piece of art, or a certain piece of furniture – whatever the homeowner values and wants to concentrate on.”

In this home, the focus was on the clients’ extensive art collection. “They had traveled to every country except for about three, and they had brought back wonderful original artwork from around the world,” Angela says. “It was a very eclectic collection that featured widely different themes, and it was a real challenge to piece together what needed to go where. It was great to see these very different pieces come together in a unified design. The artwork definitely helped to provide interest in all the spaces.”

Angela ensured that the couple’s adventurous nature and love of unique artistry was reflected in the home’s general design. “They didn’t want a cookie cutter look,” she notes. “We kept a bit of the home’s traditional spirit, but we added elements that would provide the bold, contemporary look that they desired.”

Angela used contemporary lines, colors, patterns and textures in some unexpected ways to achieve her design goals. Bold, modern light fixtures grace the kitchen, breakfast area and living room. Metallic blue accents are carried throughout the kitchen, and thoughtfully placed accent walls in striking geometric designs add interest to the master bedroom and master bath. But the home’s most intriguing design feature may be the wallpapered dining room ceiling, which adds color and life to the space, and pulls the design of the space together.

Angela’s fresh, inspired use of color and texture are a far cry from the home’s original look. “Everywhere you looked, there was brown, brown and more brown,” Angela reflects. “We had to paint cabinets and add new granite, new rugs and new fabrics to get rid of all the brown. Paint was our best friend on this project.”

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Challenges aside, Angela relished the chance to flex her creative muscle. “The clients were so adventurous and open-minded,” she affirms. “It wasn’t a matter of just painting the walls beige, tossing the artwork up and calling it a day. It was an opportunity to think outside the box and create a truly distinctive space that incorporated many different design elements. I really enjoyed the project, and I’m so pleased with how it all came together.”

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