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Design is an ever changing industry, and it can be a challenge to keep up with what’s new. That is, unless, you’re Vicki Stone, owner of the Village Design Group in Southern Pines. With a team of designers at the ready and a showroom stocked with the latest in design products and innovations, Village Design Group works with both residential customers and The Trade – interior designers across the state – to achieve designs that are beautiful, enduring, and just right for achieving distinctive interiors. North Carolina Design caught up with Vicki to get her insights into what’s new in the realm of design and how people create a space that’s perfectly suited to them.

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“Today’s homeowners are looking to create a less formal space,” Vicki offers. “Living and entertainment areas have become more casual – some people are even doing away with a formal dining room in favor of a custom space that meets their individual needs.”

“For the longest time, our area has been very traditional,” Vicki concedes. “However, in the last five or six years, those very traditional clients have shifted toward more transitional tastes. Some of them may be tired of having the same look. Some of them may be retiring to a new place or working on a second home, and want to go in a different direction from their first home. Whatever the reason, transitional has become the new standard in this area. It’s surprising, but it’s really fun.”

Vicki notes that while older generations do tend to be more traditional than younger ones, there is no hard and fast rule. “My mother grew up in a traditional home with a lot of antiques,” she recounts. “She didn’t like it, so her house was very contemporary. I didn’t find it very cozy and comfortable to be surrounded by chrome and glass, so I tend more toward a warmer, traditional look. It’s really less about a specific generation and more about doing things in a different way and making a space your own.”

Today’s homeowners are especially focused on personalizing their space. “People like to have things in their home that are unique to them,” explains Vicki. “Homeowners can use everything from lighting fixtures to Asian artifacts to items collected from their travels to create a design that really speaks to who they are.”

Homeowners have recently rediscovered wallpaper as a tool for adding personality to their homes. “Several years ago we were paring down our wallpaper gallery for lack of interest,” Vicki recounts. “In the past year and a half, we’ve seen a huge increase in requests for wallpaper. People are using it to add drama – putting it on just one wall, or on a ceiling for a cool effect. People are looking for something clean, bold, and geometric. Textured wallpaper is also really popular, as it adds a whole new dimension.”

When it comes to colors, Vicki tells us that neutrals still rule the day. “People like neutrals because they have longevity, and they’re versatile,” she explains. “You can add in bold pops of color, change out the accessories and create a whole different look, without having to reinvest in large furniture pieces. Plus, neutrals don’t take attention away from the artwork, fabrics, or furniture that you want to showcase.”

For her part, Vickie really enjoys the direction design is headed these days. “What I love the most is the mixture of traditional and contemporary that we’re seeing,” she affirms. “It’s not all just standard stock furniture pieces. You can pair an old farm table with contemporary chairs and a cool pattern. People are more open to creative solutions. That makes things fun and interesting, and gives you room to play with the design. And that’s really exciting.”

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