Creating Interest With Accents

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Do you ever sit in a restaurant and listen to the people around you? I’m not one to do it purposefully (really, I promise), but an interesting accent almost always grabs my attention. It could be the drawl of a Southern accent in a New York deli or a snappy British accent here in Charlotte – it’s the difference in the speech and cadence that fascinates me. Immediately, my interest is peaked. Accents are only accents when they are a surprise, when they’re out of the norm, and when they stand out.

The same allure and intrigue is true when it comes to accents in your home. Whether elegant or eclectic, you can accent your décor with a favorite piece of art or vintage clock, pillows or a brightly colored vase. The key to good accents is that they add a splash of interest and personality without overwhelming the room.

Good friend and long time Participant in North Carolina Design, Charlotte interior designer, Anita Holland, of Anita Holland Interiors captures my attention with how she accents a room. “I think accents are best when they are one of a kind. It helps to create a collected look.  The idea is, no one else will own it – kind of like a piece of art. I often create lamps from wonderful things my clients already own. The overall design goal is an interior that is unique and personalized, and one of a kind pieces are definitely instrumental in achieving that.”

Courtesy Anita Holland Interiors

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