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Lighting is the perfect completion to the design of a beautiful home. Choosing the right fixture not only creates good visibility, it also sets the desired mood and atmosphere for a room. To find out what is trending in the world of lighting, North Carolina Design recently met up with two experts from the lighting company, Butler Lighting – owner Carlos Butler and design consultant Jordan Franklin.

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When it comes to lighting for the home, Butler Lighting is a mainstay in the Piedmont Triad area. The company has been serving the needs of builders, homeowners, and interior designers since 1948. The company has showrooms in Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem. Additional locations include also Wilmington and Myrtle Beach. Year after year, Butler Lighting continues to strike the right balance with an extensive selection of styles, colors and finishes, combined with a staff that understands the needs of their customers.

Lighting has become a much more integral part of the design scheme. Function is definitely being well complemented by beauty. It is clear that just as interior design in general has moved away from a more formal look, so has lighting for the home. “I would say we are seeing a more transitional feel – fixtures that have more simple lines,” explains Carlos. “You think about life in general – we are not as formal today. You’ll see lighting that is more casual. The formal dining room is kind of a thing of the past. Fixtures even push a little toward the contemporary side of things.”

The transitional look is also revealed through color. “What you’ll see are a variety of colors,” notes Jordan. “You’re seeing satin, nickel and bronze still, but you’re also seeing some mix of other painted finishes as well as fabrics. You’re seeing some finishes like a light gold leaf or a silver leaf or a vintage – things like that. The newest trends would be soft colors.”

“To go along with that, the other trend is a much more eclectic look throughout whole house,” affirms Carlos. “It used to be, you would select the same color and use it in every space in your home. I mean, 25 years ago, everything in the house was polished brass. At one time, everything might have been satin nickel. Even a few years ago, the choice could have been all bronze. Now, you might see a soft gold in the living room, a drum shade in the kitchen and a bronze fixture in the bedroom. It’s varied.”

Style of home no longer dictates the style of fixture that will work best in a space. You can’t look at a traditional home anymore and automatically assume that traditional fixtures will work best. “Lighting is a statement piece, and a contemporary or transitional fixture may be what adds bang to the space and ends up defining it,” explains Jordan. In the end, however, it comes down to preference. “A customer with a contemporary home may like how a traditional fixture looks in a room. Lighting is a very personal thing,” Carlos adds.

Both experts agree that while they can advise homeowners on the latest trends in lighting, the most important consideration in their selection is scale. It is only by determining sizing and proper scale that you can identify what fixtures will work best in that space. “Another important consideration is light output,” Carlos explains. “Light fixtures can only produce so much light. You know one person might only need a minimal amount of lighting in the space they are using it and the next might need as much as possible. I think that is very important to ask questions about light output.

Light fixtures today deserve the spotlight. They are wonderfully tasteful, in a wide range of offerings. It’s clear why lighting is called the jewelry of design.

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