How to Select & Display Sculpture

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Sculpture: Looking for Deep Water by Bronstein, NC Design Online, North Carolina.

There is no hard and fast rule on how to select sculpture. Choose what you love rather than what you think will be an investment piece. The value of a piece is irrelevant if you don’t love to look at it. The greatest value of art is the enjoyment we reap every day as we walk by it and smile.

Sculpture: Clarity by Paige Bradley, NC Design Online, North Carolina

There are endless ways to display sculpture depending on its size. Since it is three-dimensional, sculpture ideally should be placed where it can be seen from all sides and at eye level, if possible. Centering it on a dining room table if it is small or placing it on a rotating pedestal would allow for 360 degree viewing. If this isn’t possible, there are numerous other possibilities for placement:  corners, fireplace mantels, coffee tables, end tables, bedside tables, window sills, bookshelves and specially designed niches. You will get the most pleasure if it’s placed where you will see it frequently in a beautiful setting.

Equally important to where the sculpture is placed is how it will be lit. The beauty of the piece is greatly enhanced by the play of light and shadow over it. Placing small sculptures in a window sill or adding spot lighting will make a dramatic difference. The gallery where you purchased your sculpture should provide you with placement and lighting recommendations.

Images appear courtesy of the Art Shop
Sculpture: Lovers by Bronstein, NC Design Online, North Carolina

Arlene Dolin of the Art Shop in Greensboro shares her expertise and insight concerning the selection and placement of sculpture in the home.

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