How To Lessen The Stress of Home Building? Involve Your Interior Designer At The Blue Print Stage

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Building a home is a naturally stressful process. Homeowners often have limited building experience. They must place a lot of trust in professionals, and rapidly make hundreds of decisions that, once done, can’t easily be undone. Having a trusted interior design professional in your corner from the initial planning stages can change the entire home building experience. As owner of The Red Rickshaw Interior Design in Oriental, NC, Scott Williams is often called upon at the very beginning of the building process – saving his clients many headaches while also creating effortlessly beautiful designs. North Carolina Design talked with Scott about being part of things from the get-go.

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“It’s always nice to be involved from the very beginning,” Scott reflects. “You know the home, you know the project, and you know how the homeowners want to live. It’s easier to create a cohesive design that really fits the lifestyle of your clients when you’re there from beginning to end. It really works out better for them.”

Scott approaches every project in an in-depth, personal way. “I treat it as if it were my own home,” he says. “I listen carefully to the homeowners. I ‘live’ in the house as I’m walking through it, and think through each detail in that context. I act as a go-between – I keep the architect, builder and subcontractors informed of the homeowner’s wants and needs, and I let the homeowners know what’s possible and realistic. I help make sure everyone’s on the same page.”

Scott is also there to help guide the homeowners through their design decisions – both big and small. “We start with plumbing,” he explains. “We have to know where everything will be placed so it can be roughed in. Then we need to know what fittings and fixtures we need. Then we move to appliances, because the cabinetry depends on appliances. Countertops depend on cabinetry, so those are next. Then it’s tile, then lighting. We then sit down and start designing the furnishings.”

When it comes to selections, Scott is an invaluable resource for his clients. “There are so many options out there,” he reflects. “Often, homeowners don’t even know where to start. I will narrow things down from thousands of options to just a few, and then I will help them focus on what they really want and need. What could have been a long, stressful process becomes quick and enjoyable.”

The help Scott gives homeowners goes a long way toward making the building process positive, and even fun. “It takes a lot of pressure off,” he says. “It gives them a lot more confidence, and helps them feel more comfortable. They don’t have to worry about the details. They don’t have to worry about the walk-through. They don’t even have to live in the area. They can build a home from another state, and know that everything will be taken care of in their absence.”

Scott’s dedication to his clients and their homes comes from his deeply held principles of excellent service, commitment and honesty. “I want homeowners to feel completely comfortable with me,” he affirms. “I’m very direct, and I tell it like it is. They know they can trust what I’m saying. If something isn’t right, or it isn’t going to work, I’ll tell them so. Then we’ll revisit things to find out what will work. They know my focus will always be on what’s in their best interest.”

Scott finds great reward seeing a home come together from start to finish. “I start out with this vision for the overall house, and the homeowners can’t see it at first,” he explains. “Then, slowly, it all starts coming together. The end result is always exciting and gratifying. I have never had a homeowner who wasn’t elated. They’re speechless, they’re crying. It’s a great thing to be a part of.”

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