High Point Interior Designers Transform A Pinehurst Golf Rental Home, Creating A Luxury Resort Experience

Posted on | September 25, 2014 | 2 Comments

Ever stayed at an incredible vacation destination and wondered how that beautiful home you enjoyed came to be? It’s not by happenstance. A home like that which is layered in well thought out details, with a heightened focus on making renters feel special and at ease – not only is it a nice backdrop for a great vacation, it’s also the work of someone with a special kind of design talent. North Carolina Design recently chatted with one such designer – Christi Barbour of Barbour Spangle Design – about such a project. Christi shares today about a beautiful whole house transformation that the High Point design firm completed in Pinehurst prior to the start of the 2014 PGA US Open.

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Barbour Spangle Design was called upon by the homeowners a year before the PGA event was coming to Pinehurst. Unlike many design projects, the homeowners did not live in the home. “This is actually a rental in Pinehurst. Our client said that she wanted this to be a special home for people to enjoy when they came to Pinehurst as a destination for golf and events,” Christi explained. “They also have a very large family – 5 adult children and a lot of grandchildren. This home would also provide additional space for their family when they all meet in Pinehurst for reunions and such.”

While the home had great potential, it lacked a real identity and did not provide a cohesive flow. “Our client bought the house furnished and then added things of her own that she had in storage, wanting to make it a comfortable place for people to rent,” noted Christi. “Still, the home fell short in providing social entertaining areas and did not have a good flow to it. It had a wonderful great room that had been added on but had an unfinished look about it. And while the home had 4 bedrooms and baths, it had no powder room. “

Every room in the house was updated, a powder room was added, and a neutral palette was carried throughout. This was intentional because there was so much color in the home before. “We pulled together a design concept that was much more clean and neutral and she just fell in love with it.” Christi affirmed. “We took inventory of the furniture that was there and other things our client personally owned, and did a floor plan to tag in pieces we wanted to utilize. By painting and refinishing pieces of hers, very little case good furniture was bought. Just by making the best use of what our client already had, it personalized the home and made it feel like it’s hers.”

“The people who own this are big golfers themselves and it was important to them that we create an enjoyable experience for those who come and use this home. So, our design staff had discussions about what happens at the end of your day when you come off the golf course. What do you want to do?” Whether the renters for the week were men or couples, Barbour Spangle Design considered every angle in creating a design plan – a large table for guys to sit around and play cards and talk about golf as well as spaces for mingling and dining throughout.

One of the things that was important for Christi and the design staff at Barbour Spangle Design was creating seating areas that were flexible for the types of people who were using the home. “If it was a small group, there were smaller areas. If it was a large group, it could be configured for them,” said Christi. “If they wanted to dine in there, they could. We worked to create the sized spaces that could accommodate the experiences of the group. That was one of the goals of the project.”

Usually when a designer works on a project, their input specifically comes from the client. In order to make this project a success, Barbour Spangle Design also sought direction from the rental company. “We contacted the rental company and said, ‘if you could do anything or request anything based on what your renters ask for, what would it be?’ If the homeowner was going to invest the money in doing a renovation, we felt we really ought to make it exactly what people are looking for, therefore increasing the opportunity to rent,” explained Christi.

A warm and welcoming home ensued that is filled with thoughtful touches that made all the difference in the world to the client and will continue to do so for all who stay in the home for years to come.

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2 Responses to “High Point Interior Designers Transform A Pinehurst Golf Rental Home, Creating A Luxury Resort Experience”

  1. Kit Lewallen
    September 30th, 2014 @ 4:11 AM

    What a beautiful job, love the colors ,bedrooms kitchen, all the rooms look great !!! Love your work.

  2. Liz Hughes
    September 30th, 2014 @ 5:35 AM

    I agree Kit – I think Barbour Spangle Design did an incredible job transforming this house. It is absolutely beautiful!


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