High Point Designer Demystifies The Design Process & The Road To Achieving A Very Personalized & Beautiful Interior

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Hiring a designer for the first time can be a bit of a leap of faith. You might wonder whether it’s worth the trouble and expense, or be curious about what to expect from the whole process. The truth is, a good designer can take your ideas and bring them to life in ways you’ve probably never imagined. Investing in your home to make it beautiful, expressive of your unique style, and tailor made for your comfort is well worth it.

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Stylish, personal and comfortable are the adjectives High Point interior designer Christi Barbour lives by. As co-founder of Barbour Spangle Design, Christi and her team have been wowing clients and the design industry with their client focused approach and their fresh style and innovative spirit since 2000. Christi was kind enough to walk North Carolina Design through her design process, enlightening us with her method to ensuring design success.

To start with, Christi sets up a preliminary meeting, where all of the most important questions are sorted out. “We go over the client’s goals, their wish list, their budget, and the reasons they’re reaching out to a professional,” she says. “We also set up expectations with regards to how involved they would like to be and how they like to communicate. We let them know up front that we will do what it takes to get a great outcome and we will be good stewards of their hard earned money.”

Next, Christi gets to work hammering out the finer details. “Some people come in knowing exactly what they want – they just don’t know how to achieve it. Others have no idea what they want. Very early on, we take clients through an in depth interview process to get a sense of who they are, how they live, what they’re drawn toward, and what resonates with them.”

For Christi, visuals are key to bridging the communication gap between herself and her clients. “Hearing information and seeing examples are two very different things,” she concedes. “I could listen all day to a client’s style preferences and we could still end up having completely different ideas in mind. Making sure we are on the same page visually is critical to a project’s success.”

“Finding visuals is so easy now. Clients still bring us magazines and tear sheets, but technology allows for a much deeper and more nuanced look at a client’s preferences. Private Pinterest boards are a great help. We can use them for inspiration and to find consistent elements that help us pull a design together. From the client’s visuals, we create a storyboard that encapsulates the client’s ideas and then we develop a design based on that.”

A home must do more than look pretty – it must be functional and comfortable as well. To Christi, function and comfort go hand in hand. “Comfort to me isn’t about cozy chairs – it’s about how people feel when they’re in their homes and how the space accommodates their day-to-day needs,” she reflects. “We ask questions up front – how do they use each space? What are their everyday needs? Then we build the function in along with the aesthetics as we go.”

Once Christi has the design in place, it’s a matter of getting to work, staying on track and keeping clients involved. “We stay in constant communication,” she explains. “We share notes from meetings and we provide a running written document of the project that clients can review at their convenience. We also keep them apprised of problems. It never fails – at some point in every project, there’s going to be a setback or a delay. What’s important to me is that we handle problems quickly efficiently and with integrity.”

For Christi, measuring the success of the final product is simple. “It’s a home that makes clients happy, and reflects their very personal journey,” she says. “There’s so much value in investing in a good relationship with your designer. Designers have resources and knowledge that most people don’t. They can help you articulate and pull together your vision. And when they really get to know you well, they can do a great job creating a space that’s everything you want and need it to be.”

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