Greensboro Remodelers Bring Beauty And New Life To The Homes They Remodel

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There is something deeply satisfying about seeing a worn out space reach its full potential. David and Leslie Millsaps, owners of DLM Builders, Inc. in Greensboro, have spent more than 20 years doing their dream job – renovating homes and giving them a beautiful new life. Together, they handle everything from contemporary living spaces to historic restorations, with great acclaim from their loyal client base. North Carolina Design talked to David and Leslie to find out how they have managed being both business partners and husband and wife, and to get their take on what’s new in this ever-evolving industry.

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David and Leslie’s careers began with a personal project. “In the 1980′s we bought an old house and rehabbed it ourselves,” David recounts. “We enjoyed the results so much that we wanted to help other people renovate their homes. That’s how our business got started.”

Leslie credits the couple’s long term personal and professional success to several factors. “We made a conscious decision that we were more important than any conflict that came up,” she explains. “We also complement each other well. I’m all about the numbers, and David is a people person. We each have our forte and we stick to it.”

David and Leslie have seen numerous changes in client preferences over the years, and they know first-hand what’s in-demand now. “Due to the recession, we’re seeing more people remodeling homes with the intention to live in them long term, rather than resell,” notes David. “More and more often, they’re coming to us to help them create a home that allows them to age in place. This means using unobtrusive design elements, like an open floor plan, and a barrier-free shower with enough space for a caregiver.”

“These days homeowners tend to want a more open floor plan, with rooms that flow into one another,” notes Leslie. “They want materials that are lower maintenance, and a look that’s lighter, brighter and cleaner, with more modern fixtures and accents.” David adds “In kitchens they are looking for an airier, more spacious feel. In bathrooms they are looking for added space and a real spa experience, with frameless showers, or even doorless showers.”

Homeowners are even adding a fresh element to historic homes. “North Carolina is always going to be a place that appreciates tradition,” David notes. “Historic home rehabilitation is about marrying two elements. You want to preserve the home’s history, but you also want to bring it up to date. So people choose an exterior that’s true to the architectural period of the house, but on the inside they give it a cleaner look, and all of the design elements and creature comforts you expect in a modern home.”

While North Carolina homeowners are using contemporary elements to freshen up their living spaces, they aren’t necessarily bowing to the latest trends. “Because homeowners are staying in their homes longer, they are looking more toward the longevity of a design,” says David. “They still want to love their house ten years from now, so they make sure to incorporate elements that are timeless and classic.”

The ever-changing nature and wealth of possibilities renovations offer is what keeps David and Leslie passionate about what they do. “I love the fact that no two days are ever the same,” says Leslie. “No two homeowners want the same things, and no two homes are alike. Every project is exciting.”

David, for his part, loves it when clients embrace new ideas. “My favorite clients to work with are the ones who are open to lots of options, and willing to push the envelope a little,” he says. “Keeping things fresh and challenging is what makes this job great. Seeing it all come together – seeing the clients get the fresh start they’re looking for – that never gets old. It just gets you excited for what’s next.”

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