Greensboro Remodeler Offers Homeowners These Savvy Remodeling Tips – “The 5 L’s Of Home Renovations”

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While life is ever-changing, our homes are a constant in them. A comforting thought – unless your home no longer fits your lifestyle, your family, or your needs. As Greensboro remodeler Kevin Jones, owner of Kevin Jones Design-Build knows, renovating is an excellent way to breathe new life into your home, and to have it grow and adapt with you. Years of highly successful custom renovations have given Kevin great insight into the remodeling process, and he was kind enough to share his wisdom with North Carolina Design – in the form of his “ 5 L’s of Home Renovations.”

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Love Your Existing Home
You chose your home for a reason. Why not choose to stay? “Maybe you love your home, your neighborhood, and your neighbors, but you don’t like your kitchen, or you need more living space,” says Kevin. “With the right contractor you can update your home. With those updates, you can personalize it and make it better than any new home could be. In terms of remodeling, you can really do anything. You’re only limited by your imagination and your budget.”

Look Around
Before you take off running, it’s important to get a very good idea of what you want to do with your home. “There are a lot of resources out there,” notes Kevin. “There are remodeled home tours in every city and town, and they have real advantages. It’s great to see a remodel in person. You can meet the remodeler, and even perform a mini-interview. You can also get great ideas for your own house. Sometimes homeowners don’t realize the extent of what can be done.”

Photos are effective, tried-and-true tools for homeowners. “In the past we would tell people to head to the Barnes and Noble home design section, buy a few magazines and tear out pages,” muses Kevin. “Now with smartphones and tablets, you have all this power at your fingertips. There are millions of renovation photos out there. You can mix and match different elements and store everything in an idea book.”

Lock into a budget
Nothing sours a renovation more than a budget that spins out of control. “Things add up fast,” Kevin concedes. “When you present costs to the homeowners, no one ever says ‘hey that’s not as much as I thought!’ We are up front about what is spent on each line item, and what the cost covers. If there isn’t enough in the budget, we have to prioritize. Any changes (and there are always changes) need to be documented in writing. No cost should ever be a surprise to homeowners.”

Listen to your contractor
“Homeowners do sometimes think they know best,” admits Kevin. “It’s an educational process for them. As a contractor, the more budget and timeline expectations you set at the beginning, the more realistic homeowners will be, and the less they will feel the need to micromanage.

“As a homeowner, you have to have faith that the professional you hired knows what they’re doing and that it will all come together in the end. Design issues, technical issues and questions are going to come up. If you didn’t feel you could trust your contractor implicitly to keep your wants and needs at the forefront, you shouldn’t have hired them.”

Leave well enough alone
Kevin notes that it’s very important to determine whether a specific renovation idea is truly worth it before proceeding. “We can do anything, but there is a cost associated with everything,” he cautions. “You don’t want to do something that costs a lot of money and then get no big bang for your buck. We’re not there to get the biggest dollar contract – we’re there to provide solutions that are in our client’s best interest. We’re in it from the idea stage to finished plans to finished project. For the long haul.”

Kevin also explains that just because you are remodeling a room, doesn’t necessarily mean that everything from ceiling to floor must go. “There could be something that will add to the character of the renovated space or really does not need to be demo’d. This happens all the time. Leaving well enough alone here marries the old with the new and also saves the client money.”

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  1. Nathan Wainscott
    April 14th, 2015 @ 2:02 PM

    Such a great read! It’s not hard miss the transparent tone in Kevin’s comments here. He really is looking out for every interest of his clients.

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