Greensboro Interior Design: “Show & Tell” With Jessica Dauray

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It’s time once again for our Show & Tell feature. This time around we’re happy to turn the spotlight on Jessica Dauray, founder of the full-service Greensboro interior design firm and boutique, Elements Of Style Interiors.

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NCD: What was your first interior design job?

JD: My first job was as a design assistant in Westchester, NY, designing yachts and third homes. It was very, very high-end; everything was very luxurious and decadent. It was a great first job to have, as it gave me a chance to experience working with a high level of detail, as well as a great appreciation for complexity and precision in design. There was no room for anything but perfection; you had to bring your A-game every time.

NCD: Do you have a current favorite color?

JD: Right now, I adore black bean. It’s my new version of black; a very, very, very dark brown that makes a great alternative to jet black. It has more dimension than black, and it’s richer.

NCD: What is your design pet peeve?

JD: I have a couple. It drives me crazy to walk into a room where the paint is the wrong color. I also can’t stand to see furniture that’s not scaled for the space. Sometimes people don’t realize that when they look at furniture in a showroom, they’re looking at it in an open, 10,000 square foot space with no walls. Then they bring it home and it ends up being this ginormous furniture in a small space.

NCD: What would it surprise people to know about you?

JD: I’m a culture nut and a total foodie. I love to travel and experience different cuisines. New York is one of my favorite places to go.

NCD: From where do you get your design inspiration?

JD: I don’t look at magazines or trends. I pay attention to how people are living. I want to create “livable luxury,” where every space is functional and livable and people can be comfortable experiencing their fineries.

On a more personal level, I’m lucky that I get to do what I love. I found something that makes my heart sing. I work with a group of really talented designers, and we have a tremendous amount of fun. And that definitely keeps me inspired!

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