Greensboro Designer Details 2015 Fall Furniture Market – Traditional Styling With Softer Lines, Rich With Color

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For design lovers, The Fall High Point Furniture Market is one of the year’s best highlights. Because The Market is not open to the public, those outside the industry typically have to wait to see what’s new as it trickles into stores. Fortunately, North Carolina Design has savvy insiders who visited The Market and can give us the scoop. This time, we sat down with Greensboro interior designer Jessica Dauray of Jessica Dauray Interiors. Jessica is known for her fresh, bold, eclectic designs, and we were happy to have her walk us through what’s new, what’s hot, and what to expect when it comes to design.

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“I thought the furniture market was great this year,” Jessica affirms. “Color is back in a big way, which I love. And I really like the overall design direction. I was pleased to see such a nice mix of contemporary and traditional elements, and so many interesting accessories and art pieces. This makes it very easy to create a nice, eclectic, layered space, which is what I love to do.”

Jessica noted a definite shift in furniture style at this market. “Furniture profiles are moving away from super-clean lines, and becoming softer,” she tells us. “Traditional style is coming back into the mainstream. This makes me really happy, because it allows for a more visually complex space, and it suits my personal style.”

While furniture has shifted toward the traditional, art has taken a more modern turn. “The artwork I saw was very bold and very graphic. Lots of large, abstract pieces in strong colors, done with large, sweeping brushstrokes. There was a big focus on original, contemporary pieces – it was hard to find a traditional landscape anywhere.”

Lighting fixtures, too, are trending toward the contemporary. “I saw a lot of spiky starburst fixtures with exposed Edison bulbs,” Jessica recounts. “As far as lighting finishes, gold is really hot right now. Not so much a shiny gold, but a soft, luminescent gold.”

Soft gold was just of many interesting shades and hues to make a dramatic appearance at the Market. “Gray was very much still present,” Jessica concedes. “However, there were a lot of fresh pops of color mixed in, which is really great. A couple of years ago the market was a sea of gray. The industry has been pushing for color for a while, and I think this new color palette will be embraced quite nicely.”

According to Jessica, prevalent colors in this palette included orange, malachite, royal to navy blue and pink, in both spicy hot fuchsia and soft shades. “I particularly loved the combinations I saw of pink and gold,” reflects Jessica. “I think those colors are beautiful together, whether you’re dealing with a chalky pink or fuchsia.”

Some interesting materials also made an appearance this time around. One standout among them was Lucite. “I saw Lucite used in so many different ways – on furniture legs, handles, side tables, shadowboxes even benches,” recalls Jessica. “Lucite is great – it transitions really well between contemporary and traditional styles, and it’s a nice, interesting way to add layers to a space.”

The market also featured a dramatic international flair. “The Greek key element was very prevalent,” Jessica says. “It was used on furniture feet, on tables, and on textiles. The showrooms also had an influx of Indian hand-printed paisleys, as well as British Colonial handblock prints.”

While Jessica enjoyed perusing the latest colors and styles, she was particularly impressed with the abundance of semi-custom options she saw. “I liked that the industry is addressing a need for customization by supporting a very designer-friendly market,” she reflects. “They are embracing the smaller account. They’re realizing they can customize pieces without having to reinvent the wheel, which makes custom options much more accessible. It was really nice to walk around Market and see creativity and customization embraced on a universal level.”

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