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Building or renovating a home is a huge investment and a serious undertaking. As a homeowner, it’s important to feel that you’re in good hands. Thanks to their thorough, thoughtful, client-first approach, Millican Construction Company in Greensboro has been earning both the trust and the accolades of homeowners for two generations. North Carolina Design had the privilege of talking with owner Robert Millican, who shared with us a bit about his background and his strategy for putting clients in the Piedmont and the Wilmington areas of the state at ease as he ensures a great result.

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“My father started Millican Construction in 1975,” Robert recounts. “I grew up crawling around under houses with a shovel in my hands although I didn’t start building houses as a career right away. I actually worked in journalism and marketing for a good 10 years after college. But I have always had an entrepreneurial bent, and I like things that are high risk, high reward. It just took me a while to figure out that the best way to use that was right here in front of me.”

Robert is well versed in building and renovating homes in any style, but he most enjoys letting his clients lead the way. He is equally comfortable building a custom home in Greensboro or handling a whole house renovation in the coastal areas of Wilmington. “I enjoy finding out all about what my clients prefer and then creating a home that meets their needs and makes them happy.”

When new clients come to Robert, his first mission is to put them at ease. “This is a daunting process,” he concedes. “When people haven’t been through it before, it’s important to go slow and take your time. I always believe you should hire people who are smarter than you are, so I work with a lot of subcontractors who are very seasoned, very skilled and make me look good. I take my clients to visit the people I’ll be working with, and they make them feel comfortable about the project.”

Robert begins each project by familiarizing himself with the lot. “The vision starts there – you can’t begin to build a house until you are standing where the homeowners will live,” he affirms. “So much of how the house goes up has to do with location, home placement and sun exposure. We also have to know what trees we’re keeping, as well as any grading issues we might have.”

Then, there’s the question of style. “Most homeowners come in with pictures from magazines or websites like Pinterest or North Carolina Design,” he notes. “Reality home design shows can also be a great resource. Sure, the budgets and timelines on those shows are often a stretch. But homeowners are savvy. They’ve seen the man behind the curtain, and they know it’s all about showmanship. I personally think these shows are great. They get people interested in building and remodeling and they provide some really cool ideas.”

Budget is a huge concern for each project, and Robert has sage spending advice for homeowners. “First, don’t overspend for your neighborhood or your home type,” he counsels. “You don’t want to price yourself out of the stratosphere. No claw-foot tubs in starter homes. If you do want something over the top, know that you may not get your money back as an investment. I do suggest, though, spending everything you can afford on making your home energy efficient. There’s great value in green building.”

Robert’s overall strategy for pleasing his clients is simple and straightforward. “We under promise and over deliver,” he says. “A person’s home a huge part of their lives, so we have to get it right. We make sure we go above and beyond – with the best people, the best materials and the best possible workmanship – for the best outcome.”

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