“Grand Central Station” – For Today’s Kitchen, These Charlotte Custom Cabinet Experts Share What Makes It Look & Feel Grand

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The kitchen serves as Grand Central Station in most homes – a place where homework is done, cookies are baked, and guests congregate. But kitchens can also be grand in an aesthetic sense, possessing a striking, yet gracious beauty befitting of the heart of the home. Eudy’s Cabinet Manufacturing of Charlotte has been helping clients create their dream kitchens for over 50 years, through the addition of beautiful and exceptionally well-crafted cabinetry. North Carolina Design sat down and talked to two well-qualified experts from Eudy’s – vice president Wesley Eudy and design consultant Brandi Kennedy – to find out more about the company and what makes a kitchen design truly look and feel grand.

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Eudy’s Cabinet Manufacturing prides itself on being first and foremost a family business. “Our grandfather started the business as a side job in 1963,” Wesley recounts. “He set up shop behind his house, and things just grew from there. I have been helping out here in one way or another since I was big enough to sweep the floors.”

Since the beginning, Eudy’s has been known for both quality construction and a high level of service. “All of our guys have been here a long time, and they’re good at what they do,” explains Wesley. “Everything we make is completely custom built. Whatever idea a client might have, we can build it. We do most of our work here in NC, and nothing is sourced out, so working with us is a good way to support local family businesses.”

When it comes to cabinetry, Wesley maintains that it’s both the details and the quality that help add grandeur to a space. “The details are the first thing that catch your eye,” he says. “Then, when you look more closely at the cabinets you’ll see the quality of the construction. Taken together, these factors make a big impact.”

Wesley affirms that style comes first in creating a kitchen design. “It’s the style that sets the tone,” he says. “There are several options – overlay, inset, frameless – it all depends on what the client has in mind for their cabinets. You can add impact and interest with staggered depth cabinets, or cabinets of different heights.” Brandi notes, “Adding glass doors to some cabinets, or having a few pieces that go up to the ceiling can really present an element of grandeur.”

Wesley and Brandi agree that while cabinets may set the stage, layers of decorative accents really bring the design together. “First you have your larger elements, like islands and decorative hoods,” says Wesley. “The hood draws the eye up, and the island anchors the space.” Flooring, too, can create a large impact, as Brandi explains. “Continuing the flooring color up into the cabinets makes a space feel larger and grander, while using a different color gives the eye a break from floor and adds more interest.”

Next come the finer details. “Elements like hardware, lighting, plumbing fixtures, appliance panels, mouldings, and cabinetry accents all work together to add distinction to the space,” observes Wesley. Brandi agrees. “These finer details can sway a design in different directions,” she says. “You can give a classic or traditional design a cleaner, more modern appeal with a contemporary metal hood or a quartz countertop. And you can give a more contemporary design some character by adding a farmhouse sink, shaker doors, or a rustic light fixture.”

As design consultant, Brandi is all about details, and has her finger on the pulse of what’s new and what works. “Right now we are seeing a more transitional style – something that has traditional elements, but is very linear and clean,” she tells us. “White is still popular, and we do a great deal of white kitchens. But currently we’re seeing a lot washed wood with gray tones, and glazes rather than paints.”

Cabinetry may be the family business, but both Wesley and Brandi are in it because they love it – albeit for slightly different reasons. “I’m more into the nuts and bolts aspect of the company – like overseeing the quality of construction and building techniques.” For her part, Brandi says “I really love design. I am more about the colors, textures, styles and overall aesthetics. It’s great – as a family, we all work as a team and play to our strengths. And that gives our clients the best possible results.”

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