Give Your Thanksgiving Table a Fresh Look This Season

Posted on | November 22, 2011 | 2 Comments

There are three things your Thanksgiving table must be: warm, inviting and beautiful. You can accomplish all three in ways that go far beyond the traditional pine cone wreath centerpiece. We’ve compiled a number of table décor ideas for those of you looking for some fresh inspiration this year.

Photo Courtesy of Civixen

Use Flowers in a Different Way. If you’re planning on doing a floral centerpiece, try using unexpected flowers like roses, ranunculas, asters or Chinese lanterns. Accent them with curved twigs or berry sprigs. To punch up traditional orange, red and gold flower hues, add bright contrasting blue or purple accents.

As an alternative to a centerpiece, place a row of terracotta pots, small rustic baskets, or even hollowed-out gourds or pumpkins with bunches of flowers down the length of the table. For a more modern approach to this idea, use square glass containers, and place just two or three flowers in each.

Photo Courtesy of Laura DePonte

Use Glassware to Create a Unique Centerpiece. Fill a glass container with small pumpkins, gourds and dried leaves. Or, for a more contemporary look, use a mixture of fresh whole and halved citrus fruits and pomegranates, interspersed with red and orange flowers.

Light Up Your Table with Candles. Candles add a warm, gentle glow and a soft elegance to a dining table. Group three large candles of different heights together, bind them with loops of twine or straw, and surround them with citrus fruits or dried or fresh flowers. Or place candles in gourds, colored glassware, or stoneware.

Photo of Courtesy of Lee Brimelow

Go Rustic. Rustic elements always offer a feeling of warmth. Accent your table with stoneware, clay pots, iron-wrought decorative items, antiqued glass, curved twigs or braches, or metals like brass, copper or bronze. Use contemporary flower arrangements, clean lines and simple colors for the rest of the table to offset the rustic feel.

Photo Courtesy of Olga Massov

Make the Food the Star. Keep color in mind when choosing your dishes, and go for those that are bright and showy, like dark greens and homemade cranberry sauce. Accent dishes that are naturally paler with color. Strips of fried spinach make a beautiful garnish for mashed potatoes. For sweet potatoes, use fried strips of purple cabbage for a nice contrast. Jewel-like pomegranate seeds can be used around serving plate edges or on top of desserts. A tip: Use white plates with clean lines and keep table linens crisp and simple to make sure your food stands out.

Here’s to a warm, happy, and beautiful Thanksgiving this year! Best wishes to you and yours from all of us at North Carolina a Design Online.

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2 Responses to “Give Your Thanksgiving Table a Fresh Look This Season”

  1. Ellen Reed
    November 22nd, 2011 @ 12:50 PM

    great images….smiles

  2. Liz Hughes
    November 22nd, 2011 @ 2:39 PM

    I am getting hungry just thinking about the table and of course, the food. What’s your favorite dish?

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