From Patio Furniture To Gas Logs – The Hearth And Patio Provides Styles That Sizzle For Every Season

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Winter is still reluctant to loosen its grip, and we are still seeing days where it’s best to stay wrapped up in front of a glowing fire. Still, our thoughts are beginning to turn to warmer weather, with wistful daydreams of sitting outside in the sunshine. Either way, The Hearth and Patio in Charlotte has us covered. This unique store offers a wide selection of both fireplace products and patio furniture. Family-owned and operated, The Hearth and Patio has been a local go-to place for 30 years, and currently features two Charlotte locations. To find out the secret of the company’s long term success and to get the skinny on what’s “hot” for summer or winter, North Carolina Design talked to Cindy Marze – a long time employee and the daughter-in-law of the store owner.

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In meeting customers’ winter needs, The Hearth and Patio features a range of indoor and outdoor fireplaces and fireplace components, including gas logs, glass doors, burners and inserts. They also offer top quality gas and wood and pellet stoves. For those impatiently looking forward to warm summer breezes, the store presents a wide selection of patio furniture, which comes in everything from teak to wrought iron to recycled materials – in contemporary and traditional styles.

The Hearth and Patio also offers customers hands-on support. “We help people choose the right products,” Cindy affirms. “We want to know what type of fireplace masonry they have, and whether they want something more decorative or more functional. For example, vented logs have the beautiful decorative look of a real fire, while vent-free logs are designed to produce heat, and can be used with the damper closed.”

The Hearth and Patio’s hands-on support continues well after the original purchase. “Fireplaces can be very technical and complex, and things don’t go flawlessly 100 percent of the time,” Cindy notes. “We staff two plumbers, and we have our own service team to assist with any problems that arise. We also help customers go through the warranty process so that they can get the best use out of their product.”

The Hearth and Patio’s unique offerings and commitment to customer care have earned them a loyal customer base. “If we sell a product to someone during the fireplace season, there is a good chance we will see them when they need outdoor furniture,” says Cindy. “We have really good repeat business, and we see the same people a lot – even families across generations. If Mama shops here, and now daughter’s buying a house and needs something, she’ll come here.”

The longevity and family-oriented nature of The Hearth and Patio have made it an integral part of the Charlotte community, and the company is committed to giving back. “We do community work,” Cindy explains. “We provided wood for the show Extreme Makeover, and we help veterans by donating patio furniture.”

For the staff and owners at The Hearth and Patio, it’s all about connecting with people. “The one-on-one contact that we have with customers is so important,” Cindy explains. “People really love their homes, and it’s rewarding to help them find the right products. When they leave, you haven’t just made a sale, you’ve made a friend. You’ve created a relationship. And that’s what keeps people coming back.”

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