For This Raleigh Remodeler, The Small Details Become The Difference Between A Good Kitchen And A Great Kitchen

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The best kitchens are filled with intriguing details that reflect the personalities and lifestyles of their inhabitants. Eddie Casanave, owner and founder of Distinctive Remodeling, LLC in Raleigh, is adept at creating wonderfully detailed kitchen spaces that are elegant, spirited, and superbly functional. Today’s featured kitchen is no exception. We appreciate Eddie sharing the details of it with North Carolina Design.

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The homeowners were a couple who had recently become empty nesters. Finding themselves at a new stage in life, with the whole house to themselves, they decided to finally go ahead with their long-awaited renovation plans. We talked to Eddie about how the project came together, and how its well-appointed details really made it shine.

The kitchen was the driving factor in this renovation. “The main issue in the house was the stairwell,” he explains. “It came down at an angle into the kitchen, and it was blocking off the living room. We had a choice – move the stairwell and change the entire upstairs, or change the kitchen. We opted to bump out the kitchen.”

“Expanding the kitchen allowed the homeowners to maintain sightlines to the living room, and to enjoy unimpeded views from more areas in the house. The added space made a huge visual impact. It also made the kitchen more functional for gatherings, which was very important to the homeowners. They enjoy entertaining, and the wife in particular loves to cook. Now guests can hang out in the kitchen, but not be in her way while she’s preparing food.”

Eddie notes that taking the lifestyle of his clients into account is essential to a successful kitchen renovation. “You have to think about who will be using the kitchen,” he emphasizes. “Will it be multiple cooks? One elderly cook? Someone who bakes, and needs lots of extra space? Adapting the space to the homeowners’ needs is a must.”

One distinctive way in which Eddie tailors his kitchen for his clients is in the cabinetry. “We create our own cabinetry in-house,” he notes. “It’s a lengthy process. You have to determine what the client wants, and then build the cabinets to their exact specifications. The extra time pays off, though. The homeowners get something they love – something that’s custom made for them, based on their very specific needs.”

True to form, Eddie filled this particular kitchen with custom cabinetry that was designed to delight in both form and function. “It’s all about the small details,” he notes. “At the end of island, we provided a built-in place for the wife to store her cookbooks. We also added rollouts, an appliance garage, a column to hide outlets, a place for bakeware, and microwave tray dividers. We went in an original direction with the cabinets themselves – they are almost all made up of stacks of drawers.”

Eddie doesn’t just talk about the exceptional function of his kitchens – he puts his money where his mouth is. “Once a project is finished, we offer our clients the chance to celebrate,” he shares. “I provide my one-of-a-kind ‘Kitchen Casanova’ service, where I cook a meal for the homeowners and their friends and family. It’s win-win — I love to cook, and it’s always great to cook in a kitchen that works well. My clients get to throw a great party and show off their new space.”

Eddie takes particular pride in this kitchen. “It’s one of the nicest that we’ve done,” he says. “The homeowners love it. I’m looking forward to my favorite part of the process – cooking them a wonderful dinner!”

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