For Award-Winning Raleigh Designer, Art Is Essential To The Design Process

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Recently, the North Carolina Home Builders Association honored Raleigh interior designer Sally Williams of Colorful Concepts Interior Design with the prestigious 2016 award, “Best Website For An Associate.” Sally’s work demonstrates that the selection and placement of artistic elements are integral to the design process. Since art is a key feature on Sally’s award–winning website – North Carolina Design is reprising this article published earlier on incorporating art into the story of design.

Every selection in a space serves to add beauty and help tell a story. However, there is something truly transcendent about art. The right piece of art pulls a room together, helps sets a tone and a mood and takes the overall design to an entirely new level. Raleigh interior designer Sally Williams, owner of Colorful Concepts Interior Design, is known for her bold and distinctive use of art in her designs. North Carolina Design sat down with Sally to talk about the power art has in a space and how she goes about making the perfect selections for each project.

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Sally has always had a passion for art and she works hard to provide ground level support to local artists, artisans and art communities. With each selection she makes, she hopes to teach her clients to appreciate art and how to use it to make their home a reflection of who they are as individuals.

“Art certainly makes a statement,” reflects Sally. “It helps to provide an engaging focal point. It adds personality and it creates a space that’s much more unique to the client. It also adds so much richness and depth to a design. Choosing art is not an easy process and it takes a lot of time. But when you can’t imagine the space without the piece, you know it was worth it.”

Sally begins thinking about artwork from the very beginning of each project. “I keep a map of where pieces will go and what sizes I will need and I keep an eye out for things that might work for each space,” she explains. “But I don’t finalize the selections until the end, when I’ve had the chance to get to know the clients better. It’s important that the art works in the room, but it’s much more important that it’s something the client likes.”

Sally asserts that finding pieces that speak to the client is her only hard and fast rule for choosing art. “Art doesn’t have to fall in line with the style of the house,” she explains. “You can mix up different styles, different mediums and different color palettes. You can fit traditional art in contemporary spaces, and you can use abstract art in very traditional spaces. The right art can even override a color palette.”

Sally’s sharp design instincts are a main driving force in deciding what artwork should be used for which space. For example, in the pictured master bedroom she “needed something large that would bring the ceiling down. I needed something without any dimension, so that it wouldn’t detract from the beautiful bed. We went to a number of galleries and looked at a number of different pieces. In the end we chose a calm and soothing piece of framed art. I can’t imagine the room without it.”

Art is so much more than paintings. Sally is an expert at thinking outside the box, using metal, glass, crystals, and other creative elements to add texture and movement to a space. In the pictured silver and cream tone living room, bowls and crystals accent the wall, as opposed to framed art. “Because of the wall’s curve I chose to use a group of small things and arranged them in a way that suggested swirling movement and added a contemporary feel and a sense of playfulness.”

Many of Sally’s clients feel hesitant about choosing artwork – a fact she is working hard to address. “People are afraid to buy art,” she concedes. “They don’t know what to look for. I help guide clients in their selections, but I also I help them learn to love art and I encourage them to grow their own collections. It’s not about putting paintings up on walls to match the décor – it’s about finding items that add beauty, meaning and a deeply personal touch to a living space.”

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