Fashion Is Forward At Fall 2013 High Point Furniture Market

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The High Point Furniture Market is upon us once again, and if you’re like me, you’re more than a little excited to see what wonderful things await us. Eddie Merrell, of E.F. Merrell Group, in High Point, has years of experience in the furniture industry, as well as a finger on the pulse of what’s new. North Carolina Design sat down with him to collect his thoughts on what’s in store for furniture this season.

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Eddie notes that we can definitely expect to see something fresh and new, for some interesting reasons. First is a closer connection between furniture and apparel design. “The furniture industry usually tracks behind the apparel industry,” he explains. “Lately it’s keeping a closer pace. We can expect to see a lot of whites, off-whites and soft blues and grays, as well as a lot of layering of textures and patterns, all reflective of what’s going on in apparel.”

Another reason to expect to see something new is an expected influx in new designers. “A lot of new names are beginning to surface,” he notes. “People who have been successful in other industries are bringing their talents to furniture design.”

Part of the changing furniture landscape is the changing lifestyles of homeowners. “People are choosing to live in smaller homes and townhouses, so the scale of furniture items is shrinking,” he explains. “When it comes to function, versatility has become a critical component in furniture design. We’ll likely be seeing a lot of single pieces that can be mixed together and used in multiple ways, as opposed to furniture sets.”

With style, the less-is-more theme continues. “People are tending toward a look that is classic — vintage reproductions with simpler, cleaner lines and no heavy carvings,” Eddie notes. “They’re also choosing items with a natural look and feel. I expect to see a lot of wood that’s not lacquered or heavily painted, so that you can really see and feel its natural characteristics. We’ll also be seeing inlays with natural, softer-looking elements like mother-of-pearl and eggshell, as well as the introduction of metallic elements.”

The furniture lines Eddie represents embody the style direction the furniture industry is taking. Alden Parkes, for example, features versatile, distinctive pieces with a vintage flair and a timeless quality. Meanwhile, Orient Express features casual furniture with a rich classic appeal, balanced by clean lines, natural wood finishes and textured oatmeal fabrics.

Whatever the High Point Furniture Market holds, it’s sure to be a great showing, and we look forward, along with Eddie, to seeing the amazing craftsmanship and artistry the new season brings.

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