Durham Interior Designer Affirms That Classic Design Is Based On Good Form, Good Lines And Good Principles

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A classic design calls to mind elegance, grace, and timeless beauty. But, as Durham interior designer Minta Bell of Minta Bell Design Group can tell us, classic design can also be daring, colorful, diverse in style, and richly nuanced. Minta is an expert at creating interiors that are thoughtful and tasteful, yet bold and inspiring. Her designs move seamlessly and expertly between styles, and her client-driven approach ensures that they perfectly reflect the homeowners. North Carolina Design talked to Minta about her distinctive approach, which is rooted in classic, time-tested principles and enhanced by over four decades of design experience.

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“It seems to be that our firm is noted for contemporary design,” Minta offers. “The truth is that what we do is directed entirely by the client, and we can work with any style that they prefer. I’m very keen on listening to my clients and following their direction. I spend a lot of time getting to know them. I find out what they like and what they can live with well, and at the same time I help them stay out of something trendy.”

Minta forgoes trends in favor of classic designs that stand the test of time. “Classic design is based on good form, good lines and good principles,” she says. “Those things don’t ever change. That’s why a classic design will look as good and be as relevant twenty years from now as it is today.”

Minta believes that, within the framework of classic design, style is a fluid concept. “My philosophy is that any good classic style can be blended with another,” she tells us. “Contemporary and traditional elements can be incorporated into the same space, as long as they have good form, good lines and good craftsmanship. Combining things in this way has always been a real pleasure for me.”

For Minta, the right design elements transcend era, style, or culture. “If you look at an African pot or an ancient Chinese pot, you’ll notice that they have excellent form,” she explains. “This means they will look good in any kind of interior. The truly important thing is that an item has good design.”

Rather than furnishing clients with accessories that complement their space, Minta uses their personal collections to help drive the overall design. “It doesn’t matter whether they have African sculptures, or 18th century English porcelains, or North Carolina pottery (which I prize). These items mean something to the client. I work to incorporate them into the design in a cohesive way.”

Minta has a similar philosophy when it comes to artwork. “Personally, I like to encourage my clients to buy art for art’s sake, rather than trying to find a piece of artwork that fits into the design,” she reflects. “This way they’re surrounded by pieces which they really love, and have lasting value. It also makes the design so much more personal, and adds so much depth.”

Minta notes that, after so many years in the business, applying classic principles to a design has become second nature. “I don’t think about it anymore at this point. It has become almost innate. It’s the framework I use to create a customized, beautiful space that endures.”

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