Drapes – The Jewelry Of Design

Posted on | June 3, 2014 | 2 Comments

Bling! What woman doesn’t love to wear it? It makes us feel pretty and completes the look we desire. I have always felt that custom draperies are part of the jewelry of design, adding a real finishing touch to a space. They provide so much color, texture and artistry to an interior. I recently chatted it up with Anne DeCocco and Gail Healy, owners of DeCocco Drapes, my favorite North Carolina custom drapery company. Since they have years of experience working with both designers and homeowners, I thought I’d share “the skinny” about them with the readers of North Carolina Design today. They are a fun duo that has found a solution for making custom drapery panels accessible to every type of client.

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Anne and Gail began offering their custom drapes when Anne noticed a unfulfilled need in the market. “Gail had always made the most gorgeous window treatments for my interior design clients, but I realized there were times when people just don’t want to go that custom route,” she explained. “I saw that there was no middle ground between custom draperies and ready-made, big-box store draperies. So we created a company that offers drapery panels with all the features of full-blown custom – at a great value.”

DeCocco Drapes has become a great success, in part because of how well Anne and Gail work together. “Gail and I are a both creative, and we both come from design backgrounds,” shared Anne. “However, I’m an idea person, and Gail’s more practical and analytical. Without her I would be leaping blindly off mountains.” Gail added, “Personality-wise, we balance each other very well, because we have different strengths. We really are a great fit.”

Part of what makes Anne and Gail such a great team is their shared love of fabric. “I love textiles and colors,” Anne noted. “When I feel bored or blue, I head to a fabric store.” Gail enjoys the challenge of working with different fabrics to create something beautiful. “Fabric is the most transformative element in most rooms,” she explained. “It’s the last thing people think of, but it really does make a huge difference in the overall feel of a space.”

DeCocco Drapes offers invaluable help to others in the design trade. “Because we’re also designers, we completely understand their needs,” said Gail. Anne agreed, adding, “With our Designer’s Program, we have the steps already in place for them, which saves them a lot of time, and a designer’s time is money. We have a COM option available. And the high quality of our draperies means we’re a source they can come to again and again. The program also allows them to send their clients directly to us, which we handle appropriately.”

Quality is an assurance that everyone gets from Anne and Gail, whether they are designers or homeowners. “We use first quality fabrics, and our lining is the best in the industry,” Gail explained. Anne added, “Our header options have been narrowed down to include the four most popular, versatile and updated selections, so you really can’t go wrong. And our selection of fabrics has been carefully curated to have only the best choices in updated, versatile colors and gorgeous patterns.”

Anne and Gail have even made it easy for homeowners to have access to their drapes online. “We did a lot of research to come up with the best, most streamlined site possible,” explained Gail. “Homeowners feel very comfortable on our website.” Anne agreed. “There are helpful ordering facts and visuals, and we’re happy to personally help people through the process. Buying drapes can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. When people invest so much in a beautiful design for their home, they really ought to have the perfect drapes.”

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2 Responses to “Drapes – The Jewelry Of Design”

  1. Dustin Peck
    June 3rd, 2014 @ 11:28 AM

    Photographing towards window treatments is very hard technically because the image contains the light source, namely the window. But, it’s so necessary when showing the design plan of a room. It takes a lot of care to get it right.

  2. Liz Hughes
    June 3rd, 2014 @ 12:09 PM

    Thanks Dustin! If there is anyone who would understand the challenges of lighting and photography, it’s you! Then, you always seem to get it right!

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