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Posted on | December 10, 2011 | 1 Comment

When I moved into my first “real” home, my mother arrived at my door with a housewarming gift – a mirror. She informed me that it was the ”one absolute must” for the foyer of my new home. Who was I to argue? I’ve since learned that mirrors are not only decorative and functional, they are also practical and possess dramatic qualities.

Image Courtesy of JM Designs, Inc.

The most obvious way that mirrors enhance a space is to brighten it. Mirrors reflect the light in a room, and in rooms with small windows or dark paint, adding a mirror or two can be a great way to make the most of whatever light is available. In addition, when strategically placed opposite an outdoor view or behind a sconce, they also offer some beautiful reflections and light patterns.

Mirrors create the illusion of added space. The placement of a large mirror on the longest wall of a room will make it appear much larger, adding a sense of depth to even the smallest of spaces. A row of mirrors on the long wall of a narrow hallway will make it look much wider. Word to the wise: Make sure these are well secured so that they do not move, in case you bump into them.

Image Courtesy of Elements of Style Interiors

A beautiful mirror can become the defining element in a room. The frames are very often works of art themselves. Unlike a painting, the view changes with the lighting in the room. Based on the décor, there are so many options available – an ornate gilded style, vintage weathered, abstract contemporary style – and so much more. Not finding exactly what you are looking for? Consider hiring a local artisan to create the look that you desire.

Image Courtesy of Ambiance Interiors Crafted by Susan Hutchinson

Mirrors are able to offset other design features in the home. By nature they have a sleek, cold, metallic quality, and an inherent elegance. When placed opposite warmer, softer elements they can add great contrast and interest to a room. One example of this would be to place a wall of mirrored tiles next to or opposite an exposed brick wall. Another would be to add a large, clean-lined mirror to a room that features a lot of soft, rich fabrics or furniture and artwork with flowing organic lines. Still another example would be to add mirrors behind rustic or vintage flower vases or candle holders.

Image Courtesy of Steiner Design Interiors

Did the talk about mirrors initially make you think about the famous line from Snow White? “Mirror, mirror on the wall…” Having grown up on Disney movies, I admit that it did for me. Today, from a design perspective, mirrors enhance visual dimensions, improve lighting and accent a room’s features.

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  1. marie grabo
    January 16th, 2012 @ 11:18 PM

    Love the post and the pictures! I used tall mirrors once, above two bedside tables in a master bedroom, with beautiful lamps on each table. The mirrors played off the beautiful lamps and their light reflection. Created a lot of drama.

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