Delighting In The Details of 2014 Kitchen Trends

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As we find ourselves looking forward to the fresh new start that spring always brings, we decided that this would be a great time to turn our attention to what’s fresh and new in design. Since I truly love kitchens, I thought we’d explore the new trends that are happening in the heart of the home. To that end, we talked to expert Winston-Salem kitchen designers Tim Nichols and Melissa Jessup of Cabinet Studio. These guys definitely know their kitchens, and they were happy to share their thoughts with North Carolina Design about what’s new in kitchen design.

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It seems that when it comes to kitchens, simple elegance rules the day. “The trend seems to be toward a more tailored look with less embellishment,” says Tim. “Homeowners want cabinetry that’s simpler and lower maintenance.” Melissa agrees. “I think people are primarily looking to keep things clean, simple and light,” she notes. “They’re leaning toward a more transitional style, like cabinets that have pretty, traditional door frames but flat center panels. They don’t want to have to get in there with a toothbrush to scrub ornate door details.”

The clean, subdued look extends to the kitchen’s color palette as well. “A lot of people are opting for painted wood,” Melissa explains. “They’re steering away from white kitchens, unless they are a softer white like alabaster or melted brie. More often they choose soft colors like light greens and light grays. Then they might add bolder, darker accents, on the hood or the island.”

Natural stone countertops are apparently here to stay, although preferences seem to be shifting slightly. “Granite countertops are still very popular, but people are starting to pay more attention to quartz,” Tim affirms. “Quartz is more expensive, but it’s also more durable.” Melissa notes that quartz can also offer aesthetic benefits that rival those of granite. “I think that what has traditionally attracted people to granite is its character and movement,” she explains. “Now there are quartz countertop options that have those same qualities.”

Like everything else in the kitchen, homeowners prefer tile backsplashes that are a seamless blend of the old and the new. “People seem to be going back to porcelain tile.” notes Tim. “But they’re not necessarily choosing subway tiles. Different shapes and designs are being introduced. Arabesque designs are gaining popularity.” Melissa notes that people are using tile to create focal points in the kitchen. “There’s a focus on creating beautiful backsplash designs and patterns. The cabinetry actually acts as a background to the artistry of the tile.”

Fittingly, practicality is a priority in today’s simpler, more streamlined designs. “People are looking for ways to add convenient storage to their kitchens,” explains Tim. “They prefer drawers over doors. They’re also choosing to use drawer inserts like flatware dividers, tray dividers and lazy Susans to organize their essentials.” Melissa adds, “It’s really about figuring out the best way to use the space. Sometimes that means putting dishes in drawers, and finding creative ways to organize pots, pans, lids and cookie sheets.”

Melissa notes that simple doesn’t in any way mean plain. “Every project is different, and every client brings in different ideas. We get a really interesting mixture of requests. It’s an exciting time to be doing kitchens.”

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